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Here is our pick of some of the best projects on CO+K last week:

Sew a Kate Spade owl purse, make homemade stickers, sew a Mexican flower hairpiece and sequin bow, make a hidden message locket, learn how to solder, bake apple pumpkin pecan bread and twelfth night pie, paint a headphones t-shirt, sew a sack person and fishbowl plushie, draw an awesome doodle, create memory art out of a wine label and corks and make a bangle bracelet out of packaging, paint your face with rainbow doodles, sip on a spritzer mocktail and spiced apple juice, decorate pretty gift boxes and frames, alter the neckline of a t-shirt, sew a bow tie ring, cook fried rice, make a cute & easy necklace hanger, sew a mini pokeball and use gift wrapping alternatives.




Thera Joyce
Thera Joyce · Chandler, Arizona, US · 57 projects
Yay! Both of my Tutes are in the pick of the week. Happy I <3 Cut Out + Keep.
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