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Aroma beads are great for adding a little bit of scent to your drawers or spicing up a gift bag.

Check out the how-to from Candle Tech »

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Cake pops combine all the goodness of a cake in a lollipop.

Check out the recipe from Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

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Keep your pencils neat and tidy with this adorable pouch.

Check out the how-to from Crafty Daisies.

These marshmallow crunch brownie bars look like they taste so good while being very bad for you. Hmm... tempting?!

Check out the recipe from Eat Me Delicious.

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This week we've been publishing projects from our latest Crafty Superstar and Do Stuff! blogger, Lee Meredith.

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Rose Dunnington's new book The Year Of The Cookie is the perfect recipe book for any cookie lover, using every occasion as an excuse to bake cookies all year round.

The book will teach you all the basics you need, so that you can get started baking straight away. Throw a cookie party and celebrate with some Pecan Tassies, Sticky-Sweet Twigs & Berries, and some Chocolate Almond Biscotti. Find the perfect cookie for every occasion - spook up Halloween with some Ghostly Kisses and Pumpkin Puffs, or win over your date with a Peek-A-Boo Jelly Valentines cookie on February 14th.

There's a huge variety of cookies from different cultures and for every event, so cook up a treat in the kitchen and give yourself the perfect reason to celebrate.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Lark Books or Amazon now.

These adorable tea light would smarten up any table display.

Check out the how-to from Wedding Bee.

Company Name: Mew Gallery LLC Location: 906 Christian Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA Website or Store Address: mewgallery.org Established: 2006

Who works at your store? Carolynne McNeel and Lauren Parker: we're co-owners. We also have a really tiny team of people who volunteer to help out sometimes.

How did you get started? Carolynne and I worked together in the fashion industry and were plotting to start our own thing. The plot became a true opportunity when the company we were working for was bought out and they laid off the whole design team. We started writing a business plan and got the whole thing together in about a year.

What do you sell? We sell all sorts of handmade stuff: art, jewelry, clothing, zines, handbags, and a million other things made by local artists and designers. 

What are your most popular items? People love to buy jewelry and affordable prints of original work by local artists.

What defines your shop and makes it stand out? We are really here to support Philadelphia's arts and the creative community. We don't just sell products by local artists, we also host rotating exhibits featuring the work of local artists, we host craft fairs and trunk shows with the local etsy street team members, we sometimes host workshops, and right now, we're hosting a "fringe festival" event. A local theater collaborative is using our space for a play. So that's our main focus.

What are your hopes, visions and dreams for the future? We hope to improve our webshop!!! It is still not where it should be!!!

Do you have any tips for sellers who are just starting out? Trust your gut feelings.

If you're after a bright orange cocktail to match your party dress then this Blood Orange Margarita is right up your street.

Check out the recipe from Pink Chalk Studio.

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Bringing papercraft to the Sex & The City generation, Girligami by Cindy Ng offers a fresh, fun and fashionable spin on origami.

Filled with dozens of adorable projects, this is a fabulous book for any girly girl - whether she's crafty or not. Fold yourself a set of cute animals, delicious Cool Cupcakes and a Tasty Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, a retro-cool Ancient Phone, and of course, a pair of Foxy Pumps. Each project is accompanied by easy to follow step-by-step instructions and the book includes all the paper required to make each project - although I'd recommend scanning the paper in to your computer first and then printing it out, so that you can make as many of each item as you like.

These projects would be great embellishments for your greetings cards. There's even a section of the book which offers suggestions for turning your origami into accessories and jewelry, such as a pair of Vogue-It Earrings. Do more with paper and learn some awesome girligami!

You can pick up a copy of the book from The GMC Group or Amazon now.

Try out a sample project from the book now - Origami Hearts!

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