Company Name: Mew Gallery LLC Location: 906 Christian Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA Website or Store Address: mewgallery.org Established: 2006

Who works at your store? Carolynne McNeel and Lauren Parker: we're co-owners. We also have a really tiny team of people who volunteer to help out sometimes.

How did you get started? Carolynne and I worked together in the fashion industry and were plotting to start our own thing. The plot became a true opportunity when the company we were working for was bought out and they laid off the whole design team. We started writing a business plan and got the whole thing together in about a year.

What do you sell? We sell all sorts of handmade stuff: art, jewelry, clothing, zines, handbags, and a million other things made by local artists and designers. 

What are your most popular items? People love to buy jewelry and affordable prints of original work by local artists.

What defines your shop and makes it stand out? We are really here to support Philadelphia's arts and the creative community. We don't just sell products by local artists, we also host rotating exhibits featuring the work of local artists, we host craft fairs and trunk shows with the local etsy street team members, we sometimes host workshops, and right now, we're hosting a "fringe festival" event. A local theater collaborative is using our space for a play. So that's our main focus.

What are your hopes, visions and dreams for the future? We hope to improve our webshop!!! It is still not where it should be!!!

Do you have any tips for sellers who are just starting out? Trust your gut feelings.




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I will love to have a place like this and sell a lots of my handmade doggie dresses and handmade bow ...
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