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Kim Thittichai's Experimental Textiles aims to take "a journey through design, interpretation and inspiration", turning textiles in to an art and not just a medium.

Part art book, part instructional, you will be guided through creating personalized designs, working with materials, choosing colours and constructing your own art pieces. The book also takes a full exploration through the world of textile art, featuring a wide range of pieces from dozens of artists.

Tassels by Sue Davis are both intricate and eye-catching, created from a mesh of jumbled materials. Eleanor Fielder's Ground Zero is a more controversial piece, depicting the scene at the twin towers on September 11th, using photographs from newspapers printed on to fabric. Using stitched magazines and newspapers to create a wreath, Company Man by Jill Flower is an interesting and colourful piece which would brighten up any wall. Offering a great introduction into the varied world of textile art, this book will have you hunting around for materials that you can reuse and give new life.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Experimental Textiles and Anova now.




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