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So, last week was my first week of school. We started on Wednesday, the second. On the first day as an 11th grader I paraded around school in this get up. Black babydoll dress, hot pink tights/fishnet combo, platform boots, skeleton hairclip, and assorted jewlery. My mom called me Herman Munster -_-! Bwahahaha. I looooove my new boots <3! They're Demonias&they make me feel like a giant! Haha. I don't need the height, I'm 5'8 and 1/2 :P! but I love the extra 3 or so inches these bad boys give me. I got lots of compliments, surprisingly. I was happy. I also got my share of negative comments, not surprising. But, I don't care :D! On the second day I decided I want to be colorful, so I wooooore..... A purple burnout vneck, multi colored paint splatter pants(which, sadly I didn't diy. but they were too sick to pass up. &on sale! w00t) blue converse, and colorful kandy and necklaces. :D! Everyone LOVED my pants and my dino necklace. Everyone wanted to play with it :P! Then, on the third day, I decided to mix both the dark and bright looks. So I wore: Holy pictures, Batman! Haha. So, Friday I wore a neon yellow pleated skirt, neon rainbow checkered cami under a cut up Twilight shirt(that I got on clearance. w00000t!), fishnet tights, platform boots, and a bunch of jewlery, per usual. My makeup is actually neon yellow glitter, but you can't really tell. Haha. Everyone was spazzing out about my hair bow all day long. A group of girls actually stopped me and asked me about it and told me I looked cute. (and shortly after I walked away, thinking I couldn't hear them, they all said "siiiiike". I just laughed, shook my head, and kept on walking. I thought to myself, 'yeah, thats why you look like you just stepped straight out of hollister. Its called originality. Get some.') The first week of school was pretty good. Luckily, I have at least one friend in most of my classes. My electives are Photo and art(even though technically I already took Drawing and Painting A which is virtually the same thing.... but I really had no other choice but to choose art. Oh well, practice makes perfect! Haha), so I'll get to be creative twice a day :)! I'm hoping to improve my skills in art as well as in writing. I've made goals to really buckle down and try my best this year. I'm a bit nervous for a couple classes, mainly Chemistry and Geometry, because I'm awful at math and I don't want to fail. All I can do is try. & this year I will try and try harder. Friend wise, its all about the same. I sit with my same friends at lunch, along with a couple new additions, and it all feels natural, like we never even left for summer. But overall I'm hoping this year will go well. Good grades, fun weekends, and a boyfriend would be nice ;]! Hahaha. We'll see. So, I'll have to get used to taking pictures and stuff again in the mornings, but I'll take 'em when I remember and post for you all to see :]! Thank you for reading this huge post :D! <3!




Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
i have demonia boots too but theyre a little different. yours are cool Happy
SparrowFae · Carthage, Missouri, US · 41 projects
You are so bold and brassy!! You rock, chicalita. I was kinda like that in High School, too. I once wore a 70's ruffled tux shirt, knee length cut off cargos, rainbow toe socks and my classic black chucks. My mom tried not to let me out of the house...lol
eccemullier · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 95 projects
Ok, I mean no ofense in any word written in here, I mean to be complete honest with you:

I love your energy =D. I mean, I live in a completly different country than yours, here, when your school mates mean to be rude, they say a bad word to you, but end of the story, something like "yeah right dude". I know your country is a little bit different, when someone like those girls mean to be rude they really are hurtful and in public!! I don't aprove that behavior =S it's the most COWARD thing they can do!! But anyway, it's up to them.

I admire your personality, you have the courage to be yourself and that, my friend, is something you cannot see very commonly =D. THUMBS UP FOR YOU!! Keep on enjoying yourself =D Love your outfits=D.
Shaydee313 · Canterbury, England, GB · 13 projects
the first day outfit is *so* adorableeeee <3
Love the dress <3 <3 <3


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