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If you love to recycle, recraft and restyle, then Susan Wasinger's Eco-Craft is the perfect book to get you inspired and crafting with recycled and unwanted materials.

Filled with lots of helpful information on living green and hoarding useful garbage, the book has 30 eco-friendly projects, so that you can make a range of crafts for your home. Including Paper Bowls made from waste paper, a super soft Sweater Rug made from knitted sweater strips, a stylish Six-Pack Screen made from plastic beer packaging rings, and reusable Plastic Lunch Bags.

So think twice before you drop something in the garbage, as this book will teach you how to give new life to so many unwanted items and recycle yourself a wonderful home.  

Check out a sample project from this book, Plastic Lunch Bags. You can pick up a copy of the book from GMC Publications now.




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