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Sister Diane Gilleland, who you may know from the podcast and blog CraftyPod, has put her crafty know-how in to a new ebook, titled Making A Great Blog. As the title suggests, the book aims to teach you how to make your blog the best it can be and get the most out of writing for it.

A great DIY effort, this ebook seeks to make you see your blog in a new light and with a range of exercises and questionnaires to complete, help focus your subject and find your writing style. Emphasizing the importance of good visuals, learn how to create a clean and stylish design, put together a great header and take better photography.

Whether new to blogging or a wordy expert, this book will work as a refresher and help you recapture your zest for writing. It makes a lot of sense releasing this title as an ebook too, because who needs a physical copy when a blog is online?! Short and sweet, this is a valuable read for any blogger.

Priced at $12.50, you can pick up a copy of the eBook from CraftyPod now.




Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
wow, i'd really like to read this book, looks like it might have a crafty viewpoint too!
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