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If you've ever dreamt of becoming a pinup or burlesque star, then the Ministry Of Burlesque have put together a DVD which will teach you all of the tips, tricks and twirls you ever wanted to know. The DVD starts with a great introduction to the history of burlesque and the different styles that exist today, with advice on the important decision of picking a stage name. Presented by some of the top international burlesque stars, you can learn various routines, posing and posture through step-by-step demonstrations. From cheescake pinup to sensious vamp, you will learn the art of dressing and peeling, tassel twirling and how to make your accessories, such as nipple tassels and fascinators.

The skills are taught in a humorous and enjoyable way, so whether you're interested in burlesque as a hobby or a profession, this is an enjoyable watch and provides a super fun and sexy way to work out. You can pick up a copy from the Ministry Of Burlesque now.




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