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We love craft fairs and CO+Ker Dianna had such a great time at the Britain Does Vintage in her new hometown of Huddersfield that she wrote a little review for us:

So moving from big London city to a slow town has its own hurricane of difficulties but I really wasn't expecting it would be so difficult to find lots of cute indie clothes shops. Nowadays it feels like big dept shops have taken over...

Until I saw a flyer in my local library at Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) advertising a craft fair. It's travels, popping up across the UK so you can find one near you or hop on a train for a day trip. This is my first time going and I'm sure not my last. 
So here's what you do you:

Mark down in your diary when they are next visiting and turn up to the venue (GOOGLE MAPS:)

Sometimes they ask you for a teeny weeny entrance fee to raise money for a local charity 
and then you Shop, Drink Tea and talk with some of the stall holders. (Love collecting business cards)

Everything is reasonably priced and you WILL find a bargain. If your bored/frustrated with lack of independent shops in your area this is the perfect cure, guaranteed you'll find something homemade/vintage/unique.

I suppose every event is unique, at the Huddersfield one they had a live singer with an "uhhmazing" sassy voice and a fancy dining area for afternoon tea and found on their website and found they sometimes do crafty workshops! "




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Am so proud to see this in the newsletter!
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