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Your first sewing machine can be rather intimidating, but 101 Ways to use your first sewing machine by Elizabeth Dubicki aims to hold your hand through those daunting first steps and turn your new machine into your new best friend.

The book is a comprehensive introduction to tools, materials, stitches and the various things and tricks you can perform with your machine, with detailed guides for working with tricky fabrics like leather and denim. As well as teaching skills, the book is filled with how-to's for embellishing clothing and making projects for your home.

Brighten up your bathroom with a Ribbon Shower Curtain, add a bit of decadence to your bed with a homemade Tent Canopy, or display your cosmetics on a unique and professional Make Me Blush Shelf Cover. Start conquering your fears and show your machine who's seamstress - just think about how much time you'll save not having to hand sew everything.

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You can also pick up a copy from Amazon now.




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