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Finally, a solution to my ear problems! I went into the place where I got it pierced today and the woman in there was SO helpful. As soon as I told her what the issue was she knew exactly what I was talking about, and told me that it's the scar tissue forming on the outside. All I need to do is crush up some rock salt and mix it with water to make a paste which I put on the infection every night, then wash it off with salt water in the morning. I'll take a while but it should eventually go away haha. It's just great to have some kind of solution! She even said that doctors don't tend to know a lot about piercings, they only know that when they hear infection they give antibiotics, without actually checking what it is. I'll be going back there next time I get pierced! I'm so impressed




FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
I had a large amount of scar tissue on an ear piercing once, too. I went for the grandma-household-secret-tips and yay me, it worked, everything's fine now.
I guess the best thing is just to keep any artificial chemicals ( medical pastet and stuff ) away from the piercing!
Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
good for you! I hate it how doctors think drugging you up is the only solution


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