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Monday's Outfit

Today I feel decora What I'm wearing: -Light blue tshirt -Star print cami -Jeans -Blue floral "skirt" (its actually a babydoll shirt that I pulled down over my hips, tucking the sleeves and boob part inside the skirt part :]) -Assorted jewelery (as always) -Assorted clips -Blue converse Makeup: -White, Silver, and Blue shadow -Black wing liner -Purple and Blue lightning bolt -Blue flower shaped gem Tuesday's Outfit

Today I feel dark What I'm wearing: -Black tshirt with Skeleton guitar and pink detailing -Black jean vest (diy-ed by me) -Black bermuda shorts -Black bone socks -Black splattered converse -Dino suspenders -Assorted clips -Assorted jewelery Makeup: -Black shadow -Black wing liner Thursday's Outfit

Today I feel nerdy! hahaha (I didn't like this outfit much....) What I'm wearing: -Gray pinstriped shirt dress -Black tights -Black splattered converse -Black peace sign tie -Assorted clips -Assorted jewelery Makeup: -Black shadow with gray glitter -Black wing liner Friday's Outfit

Today I feelbright!/decora (I'm like that a lot lately.... XD) What I'm wearing: -Team Swizerland tshirt (Diy-ed by me) -Pink ripped sleeves -Aqua short sleeved cardigan -Pastel rainbow bustle skirt (Diy-ed by me) -Black pants -Blue converse -Assorted clips -Assorted jewelery Makeup: -Black shadow -Black liner -Rainbow leopard print (Red/orange/yellow on right. Green/blue/purple on left) Saturday's Outfit

Today I feel bright yet dark for a day at Knott's! What I'm wearing: -Pink ripped sleeves -Friend's Panic at the Disco tee (too small for me, but we had to manage) -Black pants -Blue converse -Assorted jewelery -Pink skull print bandana Makeup: -Rainbow bar -Black wing liner Purse: -Fangs and baby prints (Diy-ed by me)




I love your ducky necklace Happy
so cute Happy

Shaydee313 · Canterbury, England, GB · 13 projects
you really have one of the most original wardrobe i've ever seen XD
good job! but I can't help but wonder....are you allowed to go to school like that? LOL
I know I wouldn't be XD
Bohemian Tragedeez
Bohemian Tragedeez · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 14 projects
Luv the originality!!!! Reminds me of how I used to be back in a day!


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