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Wednesdays Outfit:

Today I feel rockabilly-ish
What I'm wearing:
-Red (burgandy) cardigan -Tattoo print tube top -Black and white striped pants -Assorted necklaces (including my double bat) -Braceletes (GASP! only two?!!?!?) Faux pearls and "Bella's" bracelet -Plaid flats -Skeleton hand and clear plastic bow clips Makeup: -Red with black outer corner/crease -Black wing I will never wear this outfit combination again :[ it made me feel fat and self conscious all day Thursday's Outfit

Today I feel goth/dark What I'm wearing: -Black "boo" baseball tee (made by me) -Black pinafore skirt (made by mums <3) -Black and white/black and purple tights -Black paint splatter converse (diyed by me) -Assorted necklaces -Assorted hairclips -White bloomers (made by mums. you can't see those ;]) Makeup: -Black winged eyeliner -Nude, concealed lips (once again, going for that pale dead girl look) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this outfit! I plan on wearing it/ varitions of it tons ;D Today's outfit

Today I feel decora What I'm wearing: -Hot pink hoodie tunic top -Black bermuda shorts -Gray and neon striped socks -Assorted necklaces -Assorted bracelets -Rainbow headbands (one flowered and one beaded. we found these when we were cleaning out the garage. they're from when my sister and I were little. Mehehe) -Black paint splatter converse (I LOVE these X_X) Makeup: -Pink eyeshadow -Blue and pink glittery lips (as seen in my first makeup tutorial on youtube :3)





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