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So, I'm starting a new thing where I'll post what outfit I'm wearing on certain days that I really like. I'd love comments, but thats not what I'm doing it for. I'm hoping someone will join me, but I'm sure no one will. I'm basically hoping to inspire (? I guess) originality and to be proud of what you wear. Clothes are an amazing way to express yourself and I want people to realize that. I'll post pictures of outfits and a short description of each one. If you find something you're interested about, feel free to ask me. Okay, here we go. Sunday's outfit:
Today I feel punk rock What I'm wearing: -Black oversized, off the shoulder (cut myself) tshirt -Kitty print cami -Skeleton slash tshirt skirt (made myself) -Fishnet tights -Black boots -White studded belt -Assorted hair clips (including skeleton hands made by me) Makep: -Black cat wing eyeliner *no detail shots for this one, as it was my first one and I forgot. Monday's outfit:

(Tons of pics for this one. There was a lot to show ;D haha) Today I feel Decora What I'm wearing: -Hot pink ripped "sleeves" (Made out of tights) -Pink star shirt -Rocket ship flannel skirt (made myself) -White studded belt -Rainbow socks -Black paint splattered converse (made myself) -Assorted hair clips Makeup: -Hot pink wings with blue/ purple inner corner Tuesday's outfit:

Today I feel Casual/Twilight-ish What I'm wearing: -"Team Switzerland" shirt (thought of, made, and reconned by me) -Red sweatshirt type jacket -White fishnet glovelets -Jeans -Blue converse Makeup: -Rainbow shadow with black liner Wednesday's outfit:

Today I feel dark What I'm wearing: -White all over skeletons with sunglasses tshirt -Black pants -Panic at the Disco peach hoodie -Skeleton hand hair clip (made by me) and bow Makeup: -Black wing eyeliner Thursday's outfit:

Today I feel dark/goth/emo What I'm wearing: -Orange wifebeater (yep, its under there) -Panic at the Disco "Hypno-monocle" hoodie -Black capri bondage pants -Gray pinstriped converse -Skeleton and white POW burst hair clips (XD) Makeup: -(you guessed it...) Black winged eyeliner Today's outfit:

Today I feel still dark, but with a splash of cheer What I'm wearing: -Yellow scoop neck tunic top -Gray wife beater -Black and white striped Tripp "skinny jeans" (My fav pants EVAAAAR!) -Black with white skulls scarf (Love it :D) -Blue converse -Assorted hairclips (including the new star and hello kitty ones I bought last weekend ^-^ Aw!) Makeup: -Red, orange, and yellow shadow with black wing liner. Like I said, it'd be great if someone did this with me. I think its fun :] If not, I hope someone gets something out if this. <3 I love clothes! :D




mangolicious · New Delhi, Delhi, IN · 4 projects
hey!!!i wanna tell you that i really love reading your blog!!..your accessories and clothes are soooo cool!!! <3.. keep 'em going!!!
bekah*** · Chicago, Illinois, US
hey i saw your blog too and im bekah btw xD
Mama Zoe
Mama Zoe · Oshawa, Ontario, CA · 7 projects
I could comment and list every single item I love but... I'll just suffice to say I *heart* your wardrobe lol... and I adore the rainbow eyeshadow !!! omgz. Happy
Don't you hate it when nobody comments?
I agree with your point about clothes. Clothing is one of the ways you can express yourself every single day. Don't be afraid to. Happy


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