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I can not wait to be come the new and approved me! My last surgery was on the 14th. Done, complete no moss! I am officially on the path to recovery. I saw the physical therapist today and she says that with the screw out of my leg she sees alot of movement in my ankle that wasnt there with it in my leg! She also said her goal is to have me walking in 3 weeks. So I am so excited! Once i can walk i can get myself situated. Get back in a new routine with my kids and myself. I promised them that I will drive them to the park like I did and take them places. I want to be able to get back in shape and regain my energy. Woot super flex! Soon I will be crafting like there is no tommorow and I will be talking to the hubby about setting up my crafting table/desk out in the open so I have my own area to work in. Watch out CO&K I am going to rock your socks off! :D anime Pictures, Images and Photos




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good for you!
Can I ask you...how do you list a blog here?


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