My name is Diana and I'm on a quest for Nirvana through creativity. I'm a creative work at home mother, artist, writer, and holistic practitioner. And I'm Latina.
I also run TWO Meetup groups!
One, is for my craft workshops where you can learn to make all sorts of things, from Soap to paper!
The Learn to Make Craft Group

The other, is a fun art group, where we learn from each other on how to make all sorts of art!
Make a shrine, or learn bookbinding! Learn about altered art or printmaking, or just get together with us, and go to a museum.
This is an art focused group, for the curiously creative.
The Craftaholic's School of Art & Creativity
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Personal Interests:Crochet, knitting, printmaking, making shrines and shadow boxes, cardmaking, jewelry making, baking, and anything making!
I love to make, alter and create.
and I love Zen.

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Your project is like the 5th knitting project I've unraveled because my needles are too small. :c I really wanted to do yours, too!

Luckily I am going home soon, so I'll buy an appropriately sized pair of needles instead of using tiny chopsticks!

Thanks anyway for inspiring me to join this place. :3

Thanks for adding me Happy
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
heya i shall be your winter swap partner! If you want to send me a message on some of your favorited things I will do my best to make them for you! I am really excited! Happy sug
[LARISSA] Anschütz [LYCANTHROPE] · Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
you love everything vintage eyy? that is so cool! we have this real great thrift store near us and if you like vintage I'm sure you'd love it but I'm sure Brooklyn has loads of shops...being so big and all :] I have never been there...tell me about it sometime haha.