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Last year Karen and Erik invited us to something called ICE!
Apparently the Gaylord Palms flies in dozens of Chinese ice sculptors, then cover a 1/4 of their giant parking lot in 9º F weather via tarps and uber air conditioners. The Chinese guys get to work making massive ice scultptures and finally the staff hands you a giant blue parka and it's a winter wonderland time.

This year we urged Peter's parents and his brother's family to join us cause we had such a good time before. The wait was like 40 times longer cause we went the weekend before Christmas. But it was still fun. Our various body parts went numb by the end. Last year we went ice skating (I didn't fall on my butt once!) but the wait tired us out so much we skipped it this year.

Prepare for picspam!
but first...a video.


Here's a couple images from last year:
Peter hehehe

More pictures are in the Gallery in case you have some weird urge to see more.
And I close with a video of the candy ice house and giant ice cream.

I really urge anyone to go visit. It's a really nice way to get into the holiday spirit. If you are from up north and miss the feeling of a numb nose ICE is a great way to remind yourself of why you moved to FL.

Oh and did I mention the ice slide at the end?

I suggest going the weekend it opens though. Way less people.




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AWWw, we have ICE at Gaylord Opryland, and my fiance has gone a few times, but we didn't manage to go this yearHappy We had A Charlie Brown Christmas as the theme, too.


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