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everywhere you go... oh sorry just singing a favourote christmas carol of mine. No really I was! Anyhu, I heart christmas! I love it so so much, it's my favourite time of year. People say it's just a materialistic thing but for me it's not. If I had to chose between just presents and no other christmas celebrations or just christmas celebrations(this is everything to do with xmas-decorations, xmas pagaents, carols,etc)and no presents I'd definately be choosing the celebrations and no presents! I love the buzz about christmas- it's so busy and everyone is trying to get everyhing done in time- there is always so much to do but it's all part of it. The decorations would have to be another favourite bit of mine- they are just so beautiful and when you look at them you just stop for a split second and taken in their beauty (or their ugliness- pooping reindeers for example!)Everything is so magical and elegant- god I almost want to cry thinking about it! The whole togetherness thing- family all meet up, you send cards and phone people you haven't contacted in months. It just brings everyone together. Now what else do I like? Oh! The carols I almost totally forgot. They are my favourite type of music. They aren't all techno and modern but more old fashioned and have real meaning. And I think they are simply beautiful and always get me in a good mood. They always seem to be happy tunes too- there is way too much of all this depressing stuff nowadays! Giving- it's what Christmas is all about! I like picking out gifts for family and friends to show how special they are to me and how much I love them. That's the good thing about Christmas- everyone can feel loved and appreciated. A little tradition I've started for myself is to give something to poor families who don't have as much as I do. This year I bought a doodlebear for a little girl- it's this bear that you can draw all over and then you stick it in the wash and you can start all over again. I also like all the other activities that come with xmas- fetes,fairs, pagaents, carol concerts, sales, xmas movies, xmas lights,etc. okay, enough of my christmas ramblings. In other words Christmas is more than a new iPod, to me!




Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
haha! I've been putting on my xmas cds while doing chores- it gets them done a lot quicker!
Singingpraisehomemaker · 7 projects
OkOk now you have me pulling out my christmas cds, its in me head now Happy


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