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I am sitting here now, happy, knowing that I only have one more colour block to knit on the scarf for my friend. It's not that I don't enjoy knitting. I love knitting, but I get bored very easily, with everything. My craft desk is probably like most crafters, full of boxes of remnants of fabric and spools of thread, packets of googly eyes and tins of buttons. I like to dabble with lots of different things and usually that means, I have left something unfinished.. My biggest problem is surfing the crafty web and finding millions of things I would love to make, babies booties, a chicken pie, a homemade journal etc. I go out and buy all the things needed to make them and again, usually I leave something undone or the idea I had for one item, goes out of my head as I am superglueing those googly eyes to some felt! I know I am not alone in this either, as I have read many a journal or knitting blog about how sometimes that left sock never gets finished. In my case, it's definitely that I love the feeling of trying something new and once I have finished one long scarf, I really don't want to do another one straight away(which is what I have just done!) Also I don't think it's good for me to keep knitting, I need breaks of a painting craft or something in between. I have one big UFO, hanging in a plastic bag off the back of my chair, I pretend to myself I don't know it's there, but when I let myself acknowledge it's presence, I feel so guilty about all the money I spent on that bloomin' wool! It started life as a kind of long sleeved shrug, but as it was so long and boring old garter stitch I quickly got bored and decided to change it into a record bag, which worked fine, I got so far as to stitch up one side and one side of the strap. All that's left is to stitch up the other side and attach the strap. Why can't I do it? One reason I haven't finished it is I keep thinking about frogging the whole thing back and making it into a hat, or leg-warmers! I knit with two strands of yarn so it feels like such a waste for a bag I know I will never use. Well I am going to go finish that scarf so I can start something new, I think some Xmas cards are next on my list of things to do ;)




Wickedfara · Italy, Texas, US · 2 projects
i know what you mean. it's the same with me. once I try out something new I'm totally exited, buy all the stuff needed and then I get bored and want to pass on on something else...
northernstar · Flateyri, Westfjords, IS · 35 projects
Well I have tried to tidy up. I bought some better storage boxes, but still I buy more things and have less space! haha
Tokio Hotel Lover _.
Tokio Hotel Lover _.
I've seen your desk it is a rather BIG mess!!!!!!! Love all your creations!!!!

Your Lil Sis
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
I feel ya! I'm so like that. But who knows when the crafting bug will hit and YOU NEED that fabric, button, wool...
GreenLeaf · Essex, England, GB · 52 projects
Great reading, thanks for sharing. I knit toys and gifts for the same reason as yourself, I get bored. I never have much time for me and crafting, so large projects always take months. It is much easier to make cards or bake! There are so many things out there that call to be bought and tried Happy
Candice C.
Candice C. · Wylie, Texas, US · 49 projects
I can't knit something without taking it apart 3 times or so and making it into something else. I have a bunch of unfinished knits that I've decided to take apart and go in different directions with... but I get distracted along the way Happy You're right - there's just way too many things out there to try!


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