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Irwindale California US 68 projects

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Irwindale, California, US



Crafting is my stress reliever, it's a way for me to free myself from everyday madness. Every year I like to learn a new craft or technique. I'm not a Martha Stewart but I do like crafting in other art medias. I'm not a pro or master, just a happy crafter.

Made in the US, valley born, beach dweller, roost in the heart of fashion city. Besides crafting, I'm a wandering, music lover, art lover, and funny life loving person. More about me just below.

Summer here and I'm back in Irwindale, missing the city already...

Crafts I do:


Latest craft fever:

-Clay Jan 2012
-Pom-poms September 2012
-Sock loom Nov 2012

Books/Comics I’m reading:

+None right now+

TV Shows I watch:

-Walking Dead
-Talking Dead
-Comic book men
-Super Natural
-666 Park Ave
-Secret Circle
-Project Runway
-Iron Chef
-Sweet Genius
-Cupcake Wars
-Craft Wars
-Being Human
-Ghost inside my child
-Ghost Adventures
-The dead files
-Ghost Hunters
-Facts or Fake
-The Hunting
-Celebrity Ghost Stories
-Paranormal Witness
-Paranormal State (its ok)
-Most hunted places
-My ghost story

My Favorite:

Headwear: beanies, mini top hats, fedoras hats, cloche hats

Causal styles: placid short sleeve button up, jeans, leggings, shorts, tees, vest, sweater dresses, skirts

Footwear: ankle boots, jazz boots, chucks, flats, heels

Color: blue, lavender purple, cream, maroon

Hair colors: blue, maroon, hot pink, brown highlights

Animals: cats, dogs, frogs, cows, foxes, and pandas

Foods: Pupusas, tuna, egg salad, grill cheese, maple oat meal, chicken salad, burritos, tacos, steak, BBQ, vegetable soup, baked yams, meatloaf, hot wings, Jambalaya, apple jelly , deep dish pizza, Cheez-it, vanilla yogurt, bacon wrapped hot dogs, mochi ice cream

Drinks: Horchata, hot chocolate, Thai tea, Chi tea, sweet tea, black tea, root beer soda, chocolate banana shake, Oreo shake, pear juice, cherry juice, dragon fruit juice, grape juice, coffee

Musical Instrument: Guitar (I play as well)

Sport teams: Green Bay Packer, Dodgers,

Crafts: Crochet and sewing

Sayings: Love what you -do- what you love. Design it, make it, love it. Ham and eggs.

Activities besides crafting:

-Bike ridding
-Free writing
-Upcycling old items
-Treasure hunting at thrift stores
-Yoga (easiest way to stay in shape for me)

Things I collect:

-Tiny clay dolls
-Rave candy ( beaded bracelets)
Music: electric, trance, house, jazz, classic

Movies: too many to choose from

Things I don’t like:

-Stickers (it takes me forever to part with them)
-Flakey people (they cancel at the last minute)
-Chicken noodle soup
-Winter ( my feet, my hands, my nose and ears are freezing!)
-Raw meats
-Zombies/monstrous items (brother killed it for me when I was a kid. Just to many jokes.)
-People who don’t watch out for bike riders (the city is full of us riders)
-People who can’t disconnect themselves from there phones and facebook ( this is why I refuse to get facebook)
-This list goes on and on, stopping here.

Things that freaks me out:

-Snakes (when out of the cages!)
-Power outages
-Needles (…an I really want a butterfly tattoo…)
-Large dogs ( I’m a cat person with a 8lb dog)

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Radiated Pasta

Radiated Pasta

microwave meals, quick meal, easy dinner, pasta

♥ 0
A Little Love For The Ds

A Little Love For The Ds

ds carrier, game bag, gamer fan gear, gameboy fan art

♥ 2
Slytherin Door Sign

Slytherin Door Sign

Harry Potter craft, perler beads

♥ 4
Ravenclaw Door Sign

Ravenclaw Door Sign

Harry Potter themed craft, door sign, perler beads

♥ 1
Hufflepuff Door Sign

Hufflepuff Door Sign

Harry Potter, door sign, perler beads art, Hufflepuff fan craft

♥ 1
Gryffindor Door Sign

Gryffindor Door Sign

Harry Potter craft, perler beads,

♥ 2
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Diy Panda In Love Sleeping Mask


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Kitty Sleepingmask

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Fox Sock Plushie

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