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    Bleaching Dark Brown Hair Platinum Blonde...Yes it's possible!

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    I bleached a streak of my hair with 40 vol. creme & Quick N Blue.I forgot to tone it and it's now a brassy color,really bright towards the root and not so much towards the ends.It's as if the bleach hardly even made a difference at the ends.WTH?

    So my questions are:

    1. How do I bleach my hair evenly from roots to ends. (Hair Salon won't do it b/c they don't want to be held responsible for damage & won't tell me how to do it my self,due to the same reason.) I know it's possible b/c my roots are almost platinum blonde.

    2. How many times will I have to bleach/ tone to get it platinum blonde?

    3. How long do I have to wait inbetween bleaching/toning?

    (I'm now aware you're supposed to bleach ends to roots since the roots take bleach quicker than the rest of the hair.)

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    Okay so I may be able to help with a few of those,

    1. It's all about heat. The bleach needs heat for the reaction to take place. I would take each section and tie it up in little knots on your head. That way the full strand gets bleached and the ends.

    2. I don't really know. I've used vol.40 4 TIMES now. My hair is platinum for most parts but very weak. This was my mistake because the last time i left in on too long because I was trying to figure out how to get the window open... stupid, I know.
    Also that is without a toner so you may need less than that.

    3. I'd wait at least 3 weeks between bleachings. Some people say a week, some a month. 3 weeks seems best for me.

    The reason you start at the ends of your hair first is because of the heat thing.

    Hope that helps, and I'm no professional, this is just what works for me =]

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    Oh, and I have dark brown hair too. I forgot to mention it :)

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    I'm in the process of going silver but right now my hair is almost platinum blonde. My hair was really damaged after the bleaching session, I've just left it and will bleach it again in two weeks or so (it's been over a month).

    Don't rush into bleaching again as you may have a hair disaster like I did (my hair started falling out). Rather leave it for at least a month in between bleaching just to be safe.

    My hair was purple and I used a blonde highlighting kit instead of bleach (it makes hair much less orange and works as well) and left it on for an hour. I've found that each time I used a blonde highlighting kit my hair went lighter and much less yellow than with bleach so I always prefer using that. A good brand to use is Kair.


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    What is your natural hair color?

    Can you tone immediately after bleaching or do you have to wait a week or so?

    I don't mind waiting to get it to the blonde that I want. I just don't want to have this ugly odd looking orange color

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    My natural hair colour is a light brown, but I have been dyeing my hair for 5 years now (usually bright colours but also black, browns and reds) and when I bleach over any colour I have, the result is always much less yellow with the blonde highlighting kit than with bleach.

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    If you still need help, I've made a tutorial for how to get platinum blonde hair =]



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