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Funky Way to display old, unused magazines :D
Magazines are folded to make a cool looking purse!
There are 6 bands, they each have 60 pieces of folded paper. The strap is about 70 pieces of folded paper.
If you would like to make it taller, you need to add more bands, but if you would like to make it wider you need to add more pieces of folded paper.
Sorry, some pictures are still coming, i am currently making another few at a time, but they will be up as soon as possible!

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  • How to make a recycled bag. Folded Magazine Purse - Step 1
    Step 1

    Fist off, get your magazine sheet, (i prefer to rip them in the middle so you have an A4 sheet to work with rather than A3) Then Cut in half lengthwise.

  • How to make a recycled bag. Folded Magazine Purse - Step 2
    Step 2

    next you need to cut those strips into little rectangles, i tend to get 5 out of each strip. You will have to measure your sheet to determine the exact measurement. Realistically, it doesn't matter a whole lot if it is a little off, they need to be fairly similar though.

  • Step 3

    Now, you need to head to http://www.gumwrapper.com/build.htm that will show you how to fold them each separately and join them together.

  • Step 4

    You now need to fold 60 pieces of those papers and join them all together, once that is done, you need to join them so they create a circle. You have to try to join it backwards to the way you have been folding, however i find that this is not always effective, so i do sometimes glue it in place, using nail polish, just because it is fast drying.

  • Step 5

    once you have made 6 (or however many you are making) bands, and they are all joined to make 6 separate circles. You now need to align them so that they each fit into each other.

  • Step 6

    Before you start sewing it all together, you need to make a credit card needle. You can do this by just cutting it and making it have a point at one end, it need to be no thinker then your pointer finger.

  • Step 7

    Now, you need to get your thread that you are planning on connecting them all together with. Then knot your thread to one of the square pieces and just start sewing up and down under and in between the gaps in the paper. (this part isn't very scientific, you just do what you think will hold it together.) If you run out of thread just tie off the thread and re thread the needle, re knot and start again :)

  • Step 8

    you need to do this over and over until each band is connected. Once connected they will look like a rather large crown.

  • Step 9

    Now you need to flip it inside out, this is so that the sting is only visible from the inside. Don't worry, it shouldn't break either.

  • Step 10

    Get the end that you wish to be the bottom and pull the sides in together, re thread the needle and start sewing so that the bottom becomes connected together. (Again not too scientific)

  • Step 11

    You now have the main part of your bag :) not to worry if it is a little loose, it will be sorted out later. Now you need to create the folded paper chains again but this time with 70 (this is for the strap).

  • Step 12

    Get the corners of your bag and sew the strap to either side, this needs to be very tight and secure. I also recommend glue gunning it AS WELL AS sewing it.

  • Step 13

    now you need to give your entire bag a good coating of PVA glue and water. Leave on a surface that it doesn't matter if it drips and position it as you would think a bag would look. (Lean it up on the open side and then coat it)
    Don't forget to coat the strap! (though lighter than the bag itself)

  • Step 14

    Leave that for a good 24 hours (depending on the weather) And then give a quick spray with clear Lacquer. This gives it a nice shine. If you wish to add Snaps or something to ensure it closes, you would have had to do that before you sealed it.

  • Step 15

    There is your magazine bag :) enjoy!

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Amberlynn Reid
Amberlynn Reid · Kathmandu, Central Region, NP · 67 projects
Cool! Check my magazine hair clip out!! P.s loved your bag I'm gonna make one in my vacations

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