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Newspaper Crafts

Things to make using Newspapers

Top Projects

Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails

the daily news at your fingertips!!

♥ 460
Baby Head Paper Weight

Baby Head Paper Weight

Yes, people will think you are weird, but that’s ok!

♥ 390
Stencil A Shirt

Stencil A Shirt

How to stencil a shirt.

♥ 388
Shaving Cream Paper
Paper >

Shaving Cream Paper

Make beautiful designs on paper

♥ 382
Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails


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Making A Pumpkin Mask Pt.1, The Form

Pumpkinhead part 1

♥ 0
Batik Pillows And Mats Created With Crayons

batik pillows and mats for great parties created using crayons

♥ 4
Amazing Antlers

DIY antlers on the cheap

♥ 13
How To Make Paper

Make handmade paper

♥ 44
Pumpkin Head

♥ 2
Paper Mache Seahorses

Seahorses using papermache

♥ 0
Newspaper Craft

♥ 0
Dollar Store Frame Makeovers

Dollar Store Frame Makeovers

♥ 4
Wedding Wrapping Paper

DIY Wedding Wrapping Paper

♥ 0
Potato Print Leopard Cardigan

From dull and plain, to leopard loveliness!

♥ 1
Farm To Table Butter Dish


♥ 7
Starlet Mirror

Hack an Ikea Molger mirror and three sets of Musik lights to make a Hollywood style mirror perfect for any dressing table!

♥ 11
See Through Picture Frames

Made By Yourself

♥ 11
Egg Carton Garden

I'm a junk gypsy!

♥ 4
Cube Bookends

Make It Your Own

♥ 15
Toddlers Shoe Holder

easy painting to make a new shoe holder

♥ 0
Dyed Fabric Boho Bangles

Revamp your old bangles with a little fabric and dye this summer!

♥ 8
The Trick To A Perfect Gallery Wall

Get a perfect gallery wall without too many nail holes with these simple steps.

♥ 5
Glam Glittery Pumpkins

♥ 1
Creepy Caricatures

Create a hilarious 3D family portrait!

♥ 1
How To Print Fabrics With Crayons

Most resistant printing technique!!

♥ 183
Make Your Own Bulletin Board

Enjoy making your own product!

♥ 0
Fey Horns

♥ 3
Make Yourself A Cartoon Tee

Make your own cute cartoon Tee

♥ 4
Chevron Skirt Tutorial

Make plain and solid fabrics your own ! Paint it!

♥ 4
Shoe Box Decoration

My 'Pamper Box'

♥ 2
Flower Explosion

♥ 8
Diy Lace Masquerade Mask Using Hot Glue

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you!

♥ 123
Unique Recycled Paper Beads!

Nice and easy

♥ 4
Paiper Mache Mask

Another best out of waste! Newspaper mask!

♥ 7
News Paper Hair Bow

Extra Extra read all about it!!!

♥ 1
Newspaper Ladybug Box

♥ 6
Homemade Skater Skirt

♥ 12
Faux Moss Word

Create your own faux moss word with this easy to follow tutorial

♥ 11
Portal: Chell's Tank Top

Release your inner Chell by creating and donning this tank top!

♥ 11

A pretty way to remind you of things

♥ 9
How To: Boo Piñata

Video game craft = win #11

♥ 19
The Take Meanywhere Fascinator

Material World

♥ 4
Paper Mache Pacman Set!

For all the geeks.

♥ 11
Diy Watermelon Shoes

The perfect summer shoes

♥ 7
Antiqued Mirror

Super easy antiquing method.

♥ 1
Old Frame Revamp "Starburst"

Turn an old dusty mirror- or paintings' frame into something wonderful!

♥ 1
Newspaper Nails

this a quick nail thing and at least u can read the newspwper on the go

♥ 7
Easy Magazine Holder

Recycle That Carton!

♥ 2
Plague Doctor Mask

♥ 2
"Wax Coated" Jeans

"Wax coated"/leather look denim for next to nothing!

♥ 14
Diy Crop Top   Recycling Old Jeans Legs

Fake Balmain and recycle jeans scraps

♥ 170
Newspaper Turtle

♥ 1
Dress Form

Duct tape + paper mache mix

♥ 22
Itsy Bitsy Spider Pinata

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