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Image Crafts

Things to make using Images

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Bubble Beads
Beads >

Bubble Beads

Turn pictures into bubble beads.

♥ 639
Picture Cuff

Picture Cuff

Spice up your wrists with customized picture cuffs.

♥ 454
Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing

Print any image on to fabric.

♥ 439
Secretary's Delight Bracelet & Ring Set

Secretary's Delight Bracelet & Ring Set

Resin cast jewelry.

♥ 336
Rainbow Houndstooth Konad Nail Art

Rainbow Houndstooth Konad Nail Art

Rainbow Houndstooth Konad Nail Art Tutorial

♥ 285

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Stripe drawings

♥ 0
Tea Light Paperweights

Tea Light Paperweights

♥ 6
Wicked Jewelry Box

No one morns the Wicked...

♥ 20
Ceramic Tile Magnets

♥ 1
Collage Book

A simple collage book for playing and exploring.

♥ 4
Monty Python's Ministry Of Silly Walks Money Tin

'Silly Walks' money/trinket tin

♥ 3
Doctor Who, Gallifrey Earrings

Doctor Who Earrings DIY

♥ 8
Ornaments From Lids

Reinvent your Recyclables

♥ 11
Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scart

♥ 0
Pocket Full Of Candy Card

Fill the pocket full of treats and fun!

♥ 1
Mail Art

♥ 1
Diy: Vintage Style Silhouette Wall Art

This was so much fun, and turned out to be so much easier than even I thought! You will be oh so pleased with yourself after you dress up your walls with this super-simple project using mainly spray paint and plywood.

♥ 22
Full Moon Earrings

♥ 23
Découpage Chair

Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft

♥ 4
Sunglasses Pendant

Refashion old sunglasses into pendants

♥ 83
Batman Brooches

♥ 3
Baseball Gift Box

♥ 0
Keeping Your Pet Society Pet Alive   Part 2 (Felt Doll)

Turning your Pet Society Pet into a felt doll to keep the memories alive.

♥ 5
Keeping Your Pet Society Pet Alive   Part 1 (Pet Charms)

Your own pet - Pet Society Charms

♥ 4
Paint Chip Book Separator

Inspired by the "Guadalupe Posada" exhibition :D I fell in love with his art

♥ 4
Vintage Pattern Wristlet

fun little purse

♥ 34
Valentine's Day Card

Frankenstein's monster and his bride VDay card

♥ 11
Butterfly Bookpage Atc

♥ 4
Some Resin Pieces

♥ 2
Tiger Nails

♥ 1
Mario Christmas Stocking

The perfect Christmas Stocking for Video Game Nuts!

♥ 19
Snow Globe Necklace

Dreaming of a white Christmas, well your winter wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a wee snowglobe adorned on your neck !

♥ 15
Recycled T Shirt Keyring Tutorial

Recycle those old T-shirts' into creative keyrings

♥ 7
Vinyl Record Bowl

♥ 1
Elmo I Spy Bag

♥ 3
Song Lyric Wall Art

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star- Drops of Jupiter by Train

♥ 11
Hello Kitty I Spy Bag

♥ 0
Zombie Girl Bottle Cap Earrings.

Cute unusual accessories for the zombie lover in all of us.

♥ 19
Edgar Allen Poe Ring

♥ 1
Harry Potter Nails

No transfers required

♥ 15
Animated GIF Nyan Cat Necklace

The "world's first animated GIF" lenticular necklace with audio for Lauren Out Loud!

♥ 91
Girl's Bicycle Dress From T Shirt

Easy to make girl's dress from a t-shirt and scraps of fabric

♥ 9
Diy Light Switch Covers

lighting, switch plates, light switch, home decor, decoration, household

♥ 14
My Little Pony Shoes

Best school project ever

♥ 35
Kawaii Box

♥ 1
Make The Perfect Cameo Brooch

An easy and effective way that enables the use of virtually any image!

♥ 47
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