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Belt Crafts

Things to make using Belts

Top Projects

Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

atashi no kokoro.. unlock!

♥ 653
Candy Tutu Dress

Candy Tutu Dress

a cute little number

♥ 253
Belt Bracelets

Belt Bracelets

Give old belts a new life! Wear them on your wrist!

♥ 206
Amu Messanger Bag

Amu Messanger Bag

Fun bag that can be used for anything

♥ 172
Kawaii Strawberry Bag!

Kawaii Strawberry Bag!

Not as delicious, but twice as cute.

♥ 149

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Rockabilly Dress

a 50s inspired day dress

♥ 14
Punk Rock Prom Princess

For Fiona

♥ 8
Pillow Case Dress

Need a dress, the night before an event!? Here is a quick and classy looking way there!

♥ 51
Soft Kinky Collar

Fun for S&M beginners and kinky fantasy play

♥ 12
Vincent Valentine Cosplay

♥ 0
Hip Bag

♥ 34
Crochet Skull Bag

♥ 17
Cabinet Rehab  Make The Most Of What You've Got!

the more cephalopods, the better!

♥ 9
Diy Steampunk Belt/Skirt

Simple steampunk belt skirt.

♥ 42
Threaded Belt

DIY JCrew Threaded Belts (originally by Evelina)

♥ 4
Tomb Raider Gun Holster

Easy to make gun holsters!

♥ 62
Evening Gown

DIY:easy to make and wear evening gown

♥ 8
Recyled Belt Bracelet

♥ 2
Scalloped Leather Obi Belt

Give a thin leather belt a makeover with a cute scalloped edge!

♥ 17
Padlock Bracelet

♥ 5
Diy | Cross Belt

One of the easiest diy´s ever!

♥ 5
Braided Leather Bracelet Diy

How to make a beautiful braided bracelet without any special tools

♥ 16
My Bow Belts

7 different bow belts I have made, I'm kind of obsessed with them...

♥ 7
Coffin Handbag!

♥ 13
His + Hers Belted Camera Strap

A Leather belt upcycled as a camera strap.

♥ 3
Studded Belt Headband

Turn an old studded belt into a new hair accessory!

♥ 15
Belt Loop Barrettes

A simple yet cute hair clip that's sure to get lots of complements. ^.^

♥ 4
Pearl Bracelet

wrapping & pearls!

♥ 7
Bandana Bag

♥ 11
Wool Wrapped Bangles

♥ 9
No Sew Shirt To Skirt

Instantly turn an old out of style shirt into a cute skirt

♥ 17
Easy Tutu/Petticoat

Oh so lovely and cute!

♥ 16
Draped Dress

♥ 8
Restyle Old Boots With Belts

You'll figure out rubbish isn't the only solution.

♥ 93
Killer Stud Heels Made From Boots!!

Dont like your platform boots anymore? Make them into shoes!!

♥ 16
Cute Pencil Skirt!

No cutting, sewing, ripping, etc.

♥ 8
Leather Bangle From Belt

Quick & easy

♥ 22
Simple Straight Jacket

Delightfully Insane Straight Jacket!

♥ 46
Studded Bracelet

♥ 2
Easy Shirt Dress

Warning. Stupid tutorial

♥ 31
Studded Cross Ring

A studded upsidedown cross ring made from an old belt

♥ 16
Old Top + Unused Skirt = Perfect Dress

how about a NEW OLD DRESS. A dress from an old shirt and unused skirt =)

♥ 23
Leather Bracelet

Add an edge your arm swag!

♥ 26
Yellow Dress

♥ 12
Studded Heels Pt. 2


♥ 84
Spike Headband From Belt

Quick and soo easy!

♥ 34
Studded Lace Bracelet

Studs + lace = <3

♥ 35
Summer Bags

new summer bags

♥ 4
Some Cool Vases I Made

♥ 0
Cute Bangle From Old Belt!

Learn how to make a quick, easy, cute bangle from the old belt you have!

♥ 1
Monster Book Of Monsters

♥ 18
Babydoll Cosplay

♥ 31
Bead Choker Dress

quick, striking plus cheap - picked up this dress at an opshop for $6.50 and found old necklace for free

♥ 34
Butterfly Bracelet

♥ 0
Studded T Shirt From A Studded Belt

T-shirt with a Studded Triangle!

♥ 83
Skulls & Roses Dress

♥ 1
Studded Belt Bracelets

out of unwanted old studded belts ;)

♥ 34

♥ 12
Belt Bracelets

Give old belts a new life! Wear them on your wrist!

♥ 206
Synthetic Leather Handbag

♥ 8
Magazine Belt.

Belt collaged with magazine pages.

♥ 13
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