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Recycle your old newspapers into an awesome clutch!

Not gonna lie, making this clutch took me a lot of time (I watched an entire season of Pretty Little Liars making this) but I'm so happy with the result.
The bag is made of 540 pieces of newspaper covered with sticky-backed plastic. Each piece measures 5cm x 11cm (about 2 x 4,3 inches). I wanted the bag to be all black and white, which made it even more time consuming as I had to make sure none of the pieces had any color on the right side.


Recycled Magazine Bag

Recycled Magazine Bag

Having a great bag and saving the planet all in one!!

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'Candy Wrapper' Purse

'Candy Wrapper' Purse

Go Green with a totally unique purse

♥ 356
Woven Bag

Woven Bag

a nice bag to be used as an everyday purse to an overnight bag!

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Magazine Bag

Magazine Bag

Magazine, bag, recycled, green, fashion

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Woven Magazine Purse

Woven Magazine Purse

I'm a weaver! :D

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Recycled Magazine Bag Diy

Recycled Magazine Bag Diy

Simple Fun and Trendy Recycled Eco Friendly Magazine Bag Tutorial

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Delaney M.
Delaney M. · 1 project
Definitely would love a how-to as well!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 1199 projects
That is so cool, I'd love to see a how-to for this!

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