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Overland Park, Kansas, United States
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We must protect them at all costs!

This was a lot of fun to make. It started off as a gift for my cousin for her birthday but then my mom took it....and yeah. I've been making jewelry and clothing like nonstop for two months. I used beads and materials available at any Michael's and it turned out pretty well I think.


Crochet Beads Necklace

Crochet Beads Necklace

crochet beads

♥ 13
T Shirt Scarf Revamp!

T Shirt Scarf Revamp!

Now your scarf is a necklace!

♥ 27
Shredded Junk Mail Necklace

Shredded Junk Mail Necklace

Jewelry as environmentally conscious ad it is fashionable - does life get any better?

♥ 300
Diy Necklace Ideas  How To Make A String Bead Necklace

Diy Necklace Ideas How To Make A String Bead Necklace

Diy Necklace Ideas- How to Make a String Bead Necklace

♥ 7
Jungle Beads Necklace

Jungle Beads Necklace

All things paper

♥ 1
D'vine Necklace

D'vine Necklace

Create A Stunning Vine Inspired Necklace.

♥ 79



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