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Nice 'n' Simple

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Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, United States
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Gaaah! Jake, this horse has poo brain. :P

WHO KNEW THE ICE KING WAS INSIDE THE HORSE THE WHOLE TIME! ...or whatever that thing was supposed to be. lol This was the funniest episode ever, i was laughing so hard the whole time. It was so cute and creepy, i had to make it. I loved the horse to pieces.

He was actually real easy to make. His legs were the hardest, because i wanted him to be strong enough to stand on his own. So i had to put thick wire inside, and covered it with soft stuff. Then they were bendable too. The rest of him is ultra soft & plushie! And free, cuz the fabric was an old tshirt scrap.
**(baby talk) Look at his cute lil creepy face! And chubby cow body. Awwww!**
He's also mini, so he can hide anywhere. He sits on my dresser by my bed, his face lookin towards me. so i wake up in the morning to 'that'.... i giggled awake the first few times. XD
(The Jake in the picture is actually a flat, felt magnet i made for my friend.)

Finn: "Dude i cant sleep with that creepy horse starin at us!" :P



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