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Neutral Everyday Makeup for all skin tones

Everyday Eye Makeup for all skin tones

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3 Quick And Easy Braided Hairstyles

3 braided hairstyles to make in less than 3 minutes!

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How To Use Mac Cosmetics Blue/Brown Pigment

How to use eye pigments

♥ 0
Classy Glam Makeup

Glam up your look!

♥ 0
Pattern Nail Art

Really simple pastel patterned nails with Mitikalina

♥ 0
Romantic Smokey Eye

Quick & Easy Look for Date Night

♥ 0
Corset Effect Nail Art

Corset nails design with small pearls

♥ 2
Abstract French Tip Nail Art Tutorial


♥ 1
Signature   Zooey Deschanel

Sweet and Fresh Rose

♥ 1
Spring/Summer Brights

Bright and Eye Catching for the season

♥ 4
Massage/Lotion Bars

Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Lotion Massage Bars

♥ 3
Emerald Arabic

A beautiful blend of different shades of green in an Arabic style

♥ 4
Dusty Cranberries

Simple, beautiful and smokey

♥ 3
Violeta Fresca

Bright, fresh and ready for Spring

♥ 1
Soft & Flirty First Date Look

To get this soft flirty but eye catching look, check out the video.

♥ 4
Cinnamon Body Scrub

Winter sugar body scrub

♥ 4
Graphic Neutrals

Graphic, Sultry and Eyecatching

♥ 1
Sultry Autumnal

Try this sultry autumn vibe inspired look for an evening out

♥ 7
Abbey Dawn WTH Inspired Lips

Step out with Spikes!

♥ 3
Amethyst Kisses Lip Art

Make your lips sparkle!

♥ 1
Red & Black Gradient Lips

Dark sexy lips for anyone!

♥ 18
Golden Leopard Nails

A different way to use glitter top coats & 3D embellishments!

♥ 1
Stones N' Spikes Lip Art

The Spike of Life!

♥ 5
Floral Crowns!

♥ 5
Dusty Dark Eyes

Create a witchy look with glittering purple smokey eyes and dark coral lips.

♥ 2
Two Broke Girls Makeup

Recreating Max's bold cat eye and bright red ombre lips!

♥ 1
My Signature Smoky Eye

Classic Michty! My Go-To Gothic Smoky eye

♥ 1
Spring In Pastels

Pastels for Spring.

♥ 6
Disney Princess Series: Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana.

♥ 3
Very Pink Valentine

Pink, pink and more pink!

♥ 1
Sugar Plum

Glittering winter look.

♥ 4
Disney Princess Series: Snow White

Inspired by Snow White.

♥ 2
Flirty Valentines

Valentine's Makeup.

♥ 6
Diy Floral Body Scrub

This scrub will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted!

♥ 3
Nbc Nails

nail art inspired by Nightmare before christmas

♥ 2
Curl Your Hair With Pens And Pencils

curl your hair with a curling iron or any keat material and no socks required

♥ 9
The Witching Hour

A wicked Halloween look.

♥ 6
How To Change The Color Of Your Eyebrows

Change the colors of your eyebrows

♥ 2
Rock Chick! Makeup Tutorial

An edgy-rock colorful hot pink look!

♥ 4
Sunny Edge makeup tutorial

A bright yet edgy makeup look!

♥ 0
Hot For Pink! Makeup Tutorial

A bright and glittery makeup look!

♥ 3
Let's Be Coral   Makeup Tutorial

A fun and wearable makeup look using Coral!

♥ 4
Copper Star Makeup Tutorial

A sparkly and elegant makeup look!

♥ 1
Beautiful Simplicity   Makeup Tutorial

A simple, wearable smokey look!

♥ 8
Starry Sky Nails

Bring the stars to your nails

♥ 5
Let's Dance!   Makeup Tutorial

A fun, colorful makeup look!

♥ 3
Beehive Tutorial

How to get a 60s half-beehive

♥ 1
Atarielees Cats Makeup


♥ 0

Jellicle cats are black and white!

♥ 0
Bustopher Jones

CATS makeup for Supernote 2010

♥ 0
Jemima Makeup

My favorite female character!

♥ 0
Making Lipstick From Crayons! Super Easy.. And Fun!

This weekend, I made lip color! Out of crayons! You can too!

♥ 16
Bombalurina & Munkustrap Makeup


♥ 0
Macavity Makeup

When a crime's descovered, Macavity's not there!

♥ 0
Homemade Nail Wraps

Customized nail wraps made from dried polish!

♥ 1
Diy Facial Steam

Use steam to clean your pores!

♥ 9
Punk Rock Nails

Bring out your inner rebel with these cool nails!

♥ 3
Royal Teal Manicure

Learn how to use water decals to make a detailed manicure!

♥ 2
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