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On my Round Nautical Purse -- I used a chain for a strap so I simply sewed it on by hand. If you decided to make a strap you would simply sew it on either side of your zipper.
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yes i hate discrimination as well not only of rase and cult or skin but too of disabled problems.
When i was a child i didn't know what it meant to be discriminated only of being a girl. My brother and dad were good in that part.
So because of a bad childhood , lots of abuse and so on (i have left that behind me and it's not longer a problem for me! so don't worry.LOL) i had a learning disorder. so they send me to the domestic schience school to learn to become a good mum and house wife.lOL
But... i have never reach that level.LOL. so my brother and dad always told me i was just a stupid girl that couldn't do anything.
I hated it, I always had been on a montessori school and the change to a classical school system , i had to discover how it worked, after a year all the teacher told me you can go to a higher level.
but i was just a girl so i would marie and got my own family those days it was like a inssurances for the rest of your live as a woman .LOL
So i had to stay at that school and later on on your age i could the change to go to the level of the higher gereral secondary education school but i had to do that in just 3 years.
i loved it there it was in the 70ths and the teacher were encouring us all to become much smarter , they all were look like hippies.LOL
i think i became one too , i lived in Amsterdam so i saw all those hippies sleeping and sitting in the largest public garden of Amsterdam nearby my school and my house.;-D
so after i had my degree i wanted to go out , and married my first hubby on a to young age i was only 20 LOL
but i wasn't happy in that marriage so after 7.5 years we divorced, and i started my new live.
now i always celbreathing that day for my freedom.LOL
i love celebreathings it makes live much cheerfull.
I have learned some proffesions like being a teacher, and a creative therapist.
and... my last on being a artist.
i have worked with lots of groups during my therapist years, it was fun and always a challenge to work with people that want to fight for a better live.
but... i knew i had to change of proffesion, because you don't must do this job too long. All the group members of that school when i was learing to become a creative therapist are now stopt as well they all do something differently.
that's good i thing.
for your self but as well for the people that are searching for help.;-D
so i went to the art academy. my last partner John had support me and encouraged me for years to go for the interviews and exams to go to that school.
i was glad when i was aproaved to come. i have learned great things,
but my health become lesser , so at t he end i almost couldn't walk and move my arms and hands.
At that time i heard they couldn't fixed it, so i have done all the things to hold the finish line of my study.
i did with honour.LOL still glad i have that last paper.
later on the age of almost 40 i got my first wheels. on paper it was red but in reallity it was a blue one.LOL
so all the next wheels of my are or orange , red or yellow or pink, but not blue.LOL
So i know how people can behave like wheelies as well, what you are telling like you're a less kind of persone-S
i have learned to deal with that, and when people do those things i mirrow their behaviour which they hated as well.LOL
i think people will always does this , because they don't understand those others and are oftenly afraid for uncommen things -S
i can be afraid as well but always tell me jet this is just a new challange for you.;-D
i'm often laughting and cheerful, still but the last 1,5 years stucked to home only waiting were too hard.
i don't recover anymore only they can help me to become stronger by muscles in my neck the things that are damaged and broken aren't to be fixed anymore.
i have learned of Zen boedhisme to except this and not looking back of my live or to the future . i live now in the here and now and it helps me to be strong.
aaaw that's sweet of you to pray for us both, thank you.!;-D
you're very kind and sweet.
i think cok us more then a crafting site.!!!!;-D
yeaaah i always tell elderly when they are telling in the early days it was better, i tell it was the same only differend it wasn't better or worse , every time has his good and bad things.
and always tell them that i like these day of now because i have interenet and... good wheels.;-D
so i'm moveable like ohters and not sick weack and ill.LOL
okay i'm sometimes sick or ill , like normal people as well.LOL
humm Amsterdam is a big city, the people are used to all kinds of difference people to live and they have a great scence of humour.
and are oftenly free of mind thinkers.
they are often more friendly and make jokes , the utrecht people are more crumpy not so like the amsterdam people.
both cities are large and nearowly because they are very old.
Haarlem is the capital city of north Holland and is smaller then both cities.
but having the same old history and the people are relaxed and have humour like the amsterdammers. only... it's tinier.
i will become in the old centre a new to be appartment. soooo i'm a lucky girl.LOL

so like you i will become a busy girl as well.
but we still can write if you like, we can try.
Hey i'm still in pj's and my coach is coming the next hour. so i must hurry.LOL
i always doing the same.lOL
hey till next time and yeaaah crafting is connection all kinds of people;-D
awesome idea , but perhaps when you love to create i think you must be creative and having an open mind;-D thats' my theory.LOL
hey have a great nice creative day, love to hear from you again.
tell you later on more of holland and i will say hi to my furry friends.
take care much hugs , dutch greetings , and kisses;-D xoxooxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awesome, yeaah i have noticed that allready, in holland they must still some months to school.
in my country they have find out a stupid thing with vacations, the country (holland is a small country) is devided in three parts so everybody had an other summer and some other vacations as well.
My sis is in an other part of holland a teacher then were she is living so she has sometimes only one week to spend with her daughters on the school summer vacation together.LOL
so often i must found out when my own regio has vacation or the north part.LOL
Humm that will be strange i think to live in Arabia if you're from a differend culture and country. it must be hard for you in the beginning?
My niece was almost go for three years with her bf to Turkey to live.
but she wasn't agree with her bf to stay the whole time in the house without working and learning.
so she ended the relationship just in time. My sis her mum was very relieved.LOL
it was a dutch of origine boy but he had such old fashion ideas i couldn't believe it, that he was really a dutch boy.LOL
I like all the differends of people and culture on here, i'm trying to learn more of it, so i can understand the reasons better;-D
i think people having the same of dutch people.
i always must laught when they started about drugs , it's not really true.
last time i send a package to a friend in the uk and they opened it because i had send her milklids and those border police found it i think sooooo suspicious and that from a dutch persone so they had openend all the things the letter too-S
stupid, because they could see all the things by the xrays and it wasn't forbidden.LOL
but that's the prejudiceable thing of others about the Netherlans.LOL
like some tourist always think we are speaking German.
strange. Some words in German are the same but some look likes the same but has an other meaning, and... its a totally difference langues.
i had as a schoolkiddo to learn langues like german and france and english.
and of course our own langues dutch.
still have much profite of it, but i can't speak it anymore the france and german langues i can understand it and i can read it
i think tha must be enough.
How olf are you, you sounding and looking young, i'm don't be fraithing allready 55years.
still suprised of my own age, i don't look that age and don't act and behave like it.
think much freely then others.
so often people think i'm much younger.LOL
last time me and a young man were falling for each other until he found out how old i was.LOL
it was a big suprise for him and dissapointment.LOL
didn't liked his reaction but i can understand it, he wanted the whole packages like children and a family, i can't give that any more.LOL
aaaw thank you for the nice words and complements.
funny i have the same my computer is the whole time online.LOL
but that's for now for 1,5 years the only connection with the outside world.
i'm stucked at home after my 3rth wihplash.
i had allready a bad neck condition but after the last i couldn't do much more.
i'm still waiting for revalidation therapy but they promised me that after my moving which i waiting for for 1.5 years as well.LOL
perhaps after this vacation time i will move to my new home to be.
it's in an other city nearby Amsterdam and nearby the seashore.
i was born in Amsterdam so it's feeling back to my roots.LOL
so working on my own artprojects and those crafting things is helping through this rough waiting periode.;-D
i'm glad that such things like cok excists and internet so i have more digitail connections.LOL
my m um she is 85 hasn't those things and some months ago she broken both arms so she is sitting stucked at home as well and she is telling me the hwole time how hard it is.;-D
it's sad for her, wish i could do more , but... i'm stucked as well.LOL
oooh so injune you must go back to school so... there only a week left for you-S
aaaaw so sad!hope you enjoy the last week very well of this vacation.
Have you some plans or m ust you buy school suplies, i always love all the new school diaries.
i always buy two faves , i using them differently then normal.
i using four agendas the same time, some people don't understand that, but for me it's working.LOL
i'still working on that long forgotten project, i'm painting the thing.
painting with colours makes me cheerful.
it's cold outside here much wind , so... i had planned to prime things for letting it dry on the balcony but i can better wait now for better weather.
it looks like it can start to rain,which is good for the nature. it's here soooo dry.
Dry for hollands understandings. it's still everywhere green so this sounds strange for you.LOL
but the problem is that holland is laying lower then the sealevel, so we have more problems with less drinking water out of the ground the salty water is coming tooo far inside of this dryness so the farmers has like they always do a lot ot complain.LOL
the weather is a typical small talk issue for us daily.LOL often people complains about this, stupid because it 's not changing anything.LOL
I often tell th e others oooh i love this weather condition and then they are flabber gasted and silence.LOL
hey i see my furrie friends are right with their begging for food so i will give some , hey have a nice luch break and hope will meet here each other soon.
love, hugs and have a awesome fun day xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, hey you're very welcome, it's awesome your new locket.
smart idea. and preety and adorable.
i have done some priming of objects for outside. and finely i m ake some progres of a long forgotten project i had made and was forgotten to take picts so, i was making it again but it was hide for my friend her wrapping.LOL
she is helping to wrap my materials for the moving.
so.... i was searching in a hide box and found it again.;-D
it's very long time ago so i must check often the pictures i had made of that thing.
but ... i don't have to be excactly the same.
hey have a nice eve and lots of hugs and kisses ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Pauline, aaw thank you for asking me as your friend
Like to be that. and yeaaah we're now friends.lOL
i like your faces on the avatar, sooo funny all the differnd moods.LOL
you have like my many faces;-D
Very expressive.;-D
every time when i see your projects i fall in love with them sooo sweet and adorable. hey i have missed the last project. must jump to that later.
if you like we can write each other.
just think of it.
hey wish you a nice eve, it's here eve now and i think i will go to my couch to watch some tele , i have sit in front of the screen the whole day, i think my eyes and the computer must have a break.LOL
hey many dutch greetings and hugs and love xxxxxxx;-D
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Hey, thanks for faving my beret.
. · Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN · 14 projects
Your Haley williams Plush looks kickass!
Amazing job on the hair!
And you're welcome! x)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Pauline you're very welcome, i see you have make more of those tiny amigurumi's, awesome
i like that blog , so great all those cuties .
hey thank you for telling that you love my projects as well.
i'm blossing.LOL
hey have a nice great fun crafting week;-D xxx
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
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Maria S.
Maria S. · Melbourne, Florida, US · 8 projects
you're welcome(:
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Love your Cute&Simple Owl!
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Hey, Thanks for the comment!
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Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Forgot to say I changed the way I constructed the fabric bit for my hats so it was easier. Place the cut the circle of fabric on the top with a small seam allowance. Then cut out the main body fabric. Flip the main fabric up over the top and pin it to the circle all the way round. Stitch it and then flip it back down. It makes a neat finish and all you have to do then is one seam down the back. I put these instructions on my tall hat Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
I found that stretch velvet works best with fine stretch lace or tee shirt material and a heavier stretch lace over Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
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