Hi!I'm kookiegurl97,and I am a homeschool girl.I got an awesome mum and dad,a cute sister,and a handsome bro.I have a CRAZY bulldog,a old shih-tzu,and a little black guinea pig.I love drawing,sewing,and swimming.And that's basically it.
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Hey! Thx 4 the invite! I see you live in Michigan, I live close in Illinois. Hope we can become better friends! Happy
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Thanks for adding me xo

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hello friend!
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Thank you for the comment! My friends thought they were pretty cool too. ;)

They were SUPER sweet though. I could hardly eat one!
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Hi there. thanks for all of the favs
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Thank you for your comment Happy I can see a blythe on your avatar, do you own one?
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Thanks for faving my boregs! You should definitely make them, they're a must-have for every special event. We like to make up special events just to have them occasionally.
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Hi! Thank you for your sweet words! I very glad that you appreciate my doll!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi again,
i'm not always online so it's okay when you can't write back imidiatly, i have the same.;-D So don't be worried about it.;-D
i'm only glad when people write me back;-D
80 degrees is very high , sounds like you will burned directly.
We have here a seaclimate and my country is laying higher to the north, so we have when it got warm 34 degrees at the highest , most people don't like that, i love the normal temp of 27 degrees or lower, 14 is okay too.LOL
i think that is it just now, its clouded and the sun is behind it so its feeling like a moody day;-D
Yes i know manga, i like the style, it's not mine, but that's okay too, i like all th e differend styles of the good artist and i liked it when they write their own story's too, like myself. Not all drawers can't-S
But sometimes when i see great team workers i'm stunned of it.!!!
Give me a note when you upload one of your manga's;-D
i'm not to much at cok anymore, i have to much problems with my computer, my crashed one is now by the store to look i've it can be fixed. but Gerard is now for a month on vacation so.... i must wait and still hope that they can fixed the problem.
i want to try this weekend something out with making beads of crimpy dink to make them 3d look a like , so i have made some punched shapes with punch rounds in it to try, i hope i can make them. i had seen something like that on a site.
I see to much.-S
And i have made a plushie of sealed plastic bags filled with plastic..lOL My friend Karin was hugging him directly, so sweet a girl of my ages that picked up a ' plastic plushie". LOL
i have something with the plushies thing too;-D
i'm somethings a little bit ambarrished about it when i have to stay for some time in a hospital so i'm hiding it on the blankets.LOL
not handy when they must change the sheets they will find him tough. LOL
but why not why don't have adults not a plushie too?
so i try to be tough at it.LOL
Hey thanks of your explaination of you'r doggy, so sweet those little ones;-D awesome when they are tiny of them selfs too;-D
Like my Muis. Do you barry him in a bag? and do you put him cloths on? sometimes i like that, Karin has a tiny dog, much bigger then yours but...its here not commen to dress them, only when it's raining a lot, often it does, then she got to waere her raincoat on , Gerard my helping friend don't want to go with her out (the dog) when she waering her raingcoat, i'm teasing him a lot to send Karin all kinds of knitting paterns.LOL
I must make this weekend a tiny fitting shirt for Wolfje she must this next week to the vet for her operation.
she can't walk with a collor on her neck so i must make this, and she can do all her things only not to pull out her stiches;-D
they always try too.-S
My cats reconizes each other almost i found them almost sleeping next to each other, without growling!!
LOL you like yummy foot i see.LOL
i'm too, but most of them i don't dare to eat. that's why i don't fave food;-D it's to dificult when you see a lot of yummy things to stay away from it, i had seen some jewelry of gummybears and i have tryed it too, but most of the time i eat it -S LOL so i had to buy an other sack.LOL
to yummy to stand it.LOL i love crepes too, but mine are differend because i can't stand normal flour, i'm having problems with that. And mine flour is differend from normal stuff all the things which i eat is tasting differend , i had made a lot of cakes of them for my friend and myself but he didn't like the special tasted of it, so i didn't made it no more, and for myself now... no, it's to much work.LOL
and i'm not a big eater-S that's why i'm so thin.;-D
No i haven't kiddo's i'm living alone after John died 5 years ago with my cats;-D John lived not with me under neat my roof, he had 5 minutes walking of my house an appartment too.
so we were lucky, we saw each other everyday;-D i had a working place with him . we were 20 , 5 years together or 21,5 i don't know that any more, but it was a great awesome time we had have.
John died to soon-S he was still to young , but a very good friend were i worked with too, and too suddenly by a mistake of a md.
so sad, but you'can't do anything to get them back.
and i think it' will be difficult to find a new relationship person, i 'm not easy and when you become of my age(-S ) it's harder because all the persons are engaged.LOL
or they aren't the right ones.LOL One of my friend is just left by his girlfriend after living together 4 years and he has allready a new one, he had liked it a lot i've i had the one he is still crushed on me but i don't like him as my partner, so i 'm h aving high standerds.LOL
in my flat we have on every floor a living group of four family's
we have all our own appartment and a big space for us all togther,
When i lived here in the beginning all the children were little ones so i was a kind of mother for them too and they were often in my house to play here too.
so i didn't feel the need to have children of my own. ;-D and ... i know i had a problem i'm not healty and all the things i 'm having are genetic and that's why i didn't choose for kiddo's of my own.
but when other 's do , it's their decision , i have made my own, so i don't judge them.
i know what it is to have a parent that's not healty and i know that itisn't fun to have such a not healthy body so that was my discision but it wasn't a easy one to make;-D
i'm not glad i have done it, and its okay.
do you want children !
Lots of friends of mine hasn't got any, of other desicions , and that's fine because i know some people with children and they haven't time for their friends. or they allways talk about them.LOL
my little sis has two daughters , i have seen the oldest born, and that was awesome to stand so near by my sis, because her partner was to afraid to stand by her, i was only with her to make the picts and suddenly i had helped her with her first one, the seccond i was only a little time with her, but she was then staying in the hospital so i had to leave because i had to stay by my self in the hospital next day.
but after all she was delivering here child alone in the hospital room, the nurse didn't wanted to believe her , so when the baby was on her belly she drove her away to an other room to help her with the baby and the last part-S
her partner was sleeping in his bed at house-S
i hated him for that!!!
but they are almost grown ups , the oldest is 20 and the youngest 15 years.
so that's me;-D
When i moving i will misses my group, but i will found some new ones;-D
Okay i must do something more then just writing a comment.LOl
hey till next time.;-D
hugs and love and have an awesome weekend!!!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi,
wooow you're a big writer too.LOL
like that.
what's a shih-tzu? i can't translated it.
what do you draw , i draw most at the time for work comics and cartoons, but now i'm doing a lot of the experiments i have told you;-D
my cartoons and comics are sometimes story's of my own but not allways, i have confuesed a lot of people to use my own avatar that's me for an other figure in the comic so now eveybody t hings that Pleun i have called her is me.LOL
And it's not, but i had cot the work and i had to less time to make a new person so thats why.LOL
you can look at them on my website , i 've you like you can look under my profile page underneath my avatar , there's the link.
Awesome and clever that you're learn at home, i have done that in my last study year on the art academy too, i found it difficult. so i'm proud of you. it\s not always fun and you must be really motivated, i hadn't an other option because i had to much healt problems to travel the whole week by train to get to school-S
so i was so glad that they found it a good solution for me, but i was the first which was finishing my studys at home learning.
i had deserved a lot of credit to do this, i was a great student and they like to see me finishing so i got a lot of suport of my teachers.
It cost me too a lot of time to found out how i could do things in an other way to find suplies and so on.
so i'm used to use suplies to get my live a little bit easyer.LOL
so it's not all about wheels.LOL

Its not my kitten cat but the old one Muis, thats translated Mouse She is a elderly cat now and she is grey and a tiny birmees one.
she is behaving like a mouse , John my last partner had given her that name. Its so her.LOL
Wolfje is the kitten that has to be operated next week. She don't like Mous her sort of aunt no more. She is behaving herself badly.
Muis is feeling not well so she would like to lay on my lap underneath my sweater its now suddenly hot so i must swet for her.LOL
she does do this every time she is feeling herself sick;-D
Wolfje is translated Wolfy she is a one year cat and ... a birmilla.
she isn't tiny and her furr looks like a husky dog so she looks like a wolf.lOl and behaved like a dog my friends are telling me.
but i don't think so. I'm used to their brand so its not uncommen that they do all sort of thinks other cats can't ans she is tooo smart for her brand. My old breeder told me that too. i only thought that.LOL
And muis is the one with the broken leg problems so today i must call the special md vet for her to asked i've he would look at the xrays and i've he can help her , i hope so it will cost again a lot of money but.... this isn't okay for her. i know by myself what it is like to have allways pain so when he can help her its okay.
You do a lot of fun things , awesome . i hope i can do the same next summer, but problably not because then i'm just moved to my new home;-D
so i must do there a lot of things and found all things out;-D
It's feeling like a new start , a new period of my life. Like that;-D
i stop because i must go on my work. have a great fun day;-D
and love and hugs from my;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest Kookiegurl;-D
it's here the same month like in your country.LOl i don't live on an other planet.LOL
so its here july and still summer, but its cold again and a lot of rain, but thats good for the trees and plants.LOL
i'm still busy to recouvering of my third whiplash so i'm stucked to home and do a lot of strange experiments with material to craft with.LOL special the ones they smell awefull to do outside on the balcony.LOL i have a not so great fun neigbours above me and they do a lot of not good and kind things , they bully my cats and so on and allways smoke sigarets so when i'm open the windows and door i have their smoke inside-S
but.... when i do my smelly craftings outside they will sto.LOL
i have sad a lot to them nicely but it doesn't help , i have now just because i had a difficult time some extra helping persons to visit me and they told me the same, they are really ugly.
i was glad that they noticed it too.
but..... i will move to on ohter city and .... i don't have then no more neigbours above me, only next to me and underneat;-D
it will help to sleep and to ease down. i try not to stress about it, but the last time its difficult.
i 'm searching for a new little chair, O i live on wheels , not sorry its normal for me i'm used to that and its okay .
i have had just found a dealer that will build the chair, so i must think of nice colours i think this chair must be bright pink and bright red. with red fabric. and red tires.LOL
Today my oldest cat had to go to the vet to clean her mouth and got a xray. she must back to the orthoped md -S
about two year ago she had broken her two bones in her leg and suddenly she walks stangly, so i know now why the metal inside is moved and is out the bone and to near to her knee-S\
not fun , but i must call and asked the special vet to think of a solution.
and ...i had today my dear friend with me Karin she drived both of us (muis my cat and i to the vet ) and drove me back and drunk whit a lot of chatting a cup of tea.
so it was a great day;-D
my other cat is now one and is in her seccond mating period, she had to go too to the vet, but then she began again with the mating period-S so she must now next week to become an it.LOL
so i'm doing so so, i try to be patiencend inside and don't get to be bored to much.LOL
i'm glad (im stucked to my home now for 5 months) that i 'm so creative and having jumping brains;-D
hey were did you go on vacation?
now its your turn;-D When is school starting?
hey just curious i read that you love animals too,
so tell me please ;-D hey all my love hugs and kisses
DulceKnits · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 13 projects
Kookiegurl97 - The tag I made can be used to decorate a gift or a package. You can write a message on the back of the tag. I share your love for crepes!
CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
Hey thanks for the comments ^^
I love to crochet and have always want to knit but I think that knitting looks way to hard!
el oh el..
How funny! (: You'll get it sooner or later!
Krafty Kitty Kat >'.'<
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fanks 4 faving my 'charming sweet tooth' project! *hugs*
kookiegurl97 · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 5 projects
I got off school yesterday!yay!summer vacay here I come!
Ruby · 11 projects
If you can see the pictures on the Jazzies project, you'll see that they are round bits of chocolate with hundreds and thousands on. Sold in a majority of sweet shops and in pic 'n' mix sections!!

Hope this helps.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, thank you, you are sweet too.
hey its almost weekend so have a nice awesome weekend
hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , you're very welcome, its always fine when you aske a question to got an answer,;-D I have set the answer too on the project itself, but not always people jumped backwards so i set it too on their own page. Yes they are very comfortable. My friends with dogs have had some of the mitten version of this and they like it too , it was a very cold bad winter here, and they put it in their pockets of their coats when they had to let the dogs out .
One of my friends her daugther liked it too much but her mom told her then you must make them your self.LOL
And yours version is i think too lovely about your rices. i have something with lavender. its the smell of my nana.;-D
hey have a nice day;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi , a heating scarf. is a sort of heating pillow filled with rice of corn which you can put in the microwave to heaten it up and then you can wrap it over your cold feeds or neck or belly when you have a stomac pain , its like a hot water bottle, for in bed when its cold. and the most heating pillows are not long , and i like it when i can cover my feets on cold day in it, or when i having pain in my neck to wrap it around my neck.
Mostly people add some smelly hearbs in them too. It give you comfort. and of course you can lay it too in your bed in winter times. In my country it is very cold in the winter.
Hope you understand this. so not i will give it a try again. have a great fun week.;-D

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thank you sooo much for your sweet comment on my sushi vandy you need to try it out is SUPER yummy!!!P:
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Thanks for your comments - keep creating!
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Thanks for the fave! Happy
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love the gloves!