Snippets Issue 4 : The Art School Issue

Jenna Smith

Degree Show Spreads: A look at the work of Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith

Artwork collages by Jenna Smith

My practice evolved from my interest in how we as consumers all get very sucked in to the glossy seductive images of advertising. Also how all the models in the adverts have very blank expressions and seem to have hollow shells of personalities. I hounded all the Artwork collages by Jenna Smithclothes shops around Dundee to give me their old large scale merchandising posters and prosceeded to cut them up and layer them on top of each other. I cut away the skin on the top poster and the models clothes then take on their own form, the person being absent but the female form being very much present. Most of them have a 3-D element which adds to the depth of the over all image.

My main influences are artists such as Jeff Koons who produced collages and then makes beautiful glossy paintings from them. Although they are fragmented sections of advertising, the glossy seductiveness is still there which is something I have tried to achieve in my pieces also. I am interested in the works of James Rosenquist who also paints from collage and John Stezaker who presents the collages in their true form.

Artwork collages by Jenna SmithArtwork collages by Jenna SmithArtwork collages by Jenna Smith

See more of Jenna's work on her website.


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