Snippets Issue 4 : The Art School Issue

Claire Leighton

Degree Show Spreads: A look at the work of Claire Leighton.

Claire Leighton

Photography by Claire Leighton Photography by Claire Leighton
Photography by Claire Leighton
Photography by Claire Leighton

My work is an exploration of the oddities and eccentricities that can be found in our society. I have explored subjects such as the fairground and festivals as well as different people's personal collections.

My work follows a subject matter that may ordinarily be seen as perfectly normal but which, once re-contextualized transforms into something extraordinary. I work using medium format film in a camera, that itself is odd and idiosyncratic, where the camera allows a small amount of light to leak onto the film causing image anomalies.

My photographs have a strangeness and occulted vocabulary that lends itself to alternative and non-mainstream modes of practice.

I have been influenced by artists such as Tony Ray - Jones and Diane Arbus as well as the writer Susan Sontag, author of "On Photography".

"Photography can be a mirror and reflect life as it is, but I also think that perhaps it is possible to walk like Alice, through a looking-glass, and find another kind of world with the camera" Tony Ray - Jones

To see more of Claire's work, visit her DeviantArt.


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