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Teacosies With Irony Interview

Exclusive Content: Interview with Teacosies With Irony creator Beth McMillan

Teacosies With Irony Interview

First of all, tell us a little bit about what Teacosies With Irony is?
Teacosies With Irony is a comic strip about the lives of six characters, all of whom are crafty in some way.

When did you start the strip?
I uploaded the first strip on 1st December 2005. I started working out the ideas in October, when I was on holiday with my parents. I drew them all in a little notebook with stick people, so I could keep my ideas for when I got to the computer to put them into pixels, and from then it was short work to find Wayuki's cute little pixel bases, a web host to upload them to, and a graphics program to put them all together.

How did you come up with the idea behind the strip?
It was all due to my best friend, Emma, and the fact that we used to get bored beyond belief in chemistry lessons. We spent a good hour discussing the relative merits of different shapes to convey the meanings of the words "Poof!", "Kerpow!" and "Bam!", which sent me home with a head full of ideas. "What is the one thing that someone hasn't already written a webcomic about?" I thought to myself. And poof! (fluffy cloud shape) TWI was born.

How did you come up with the name Teacosies With Irony?
One of my favourite websites is Craftster, which is a forum for crafters to discuss ideas and so forth. One of their taglines is "No Teacosies Without Irony", which tickled me, since I've always had a soft spot for teacosies, and irony for that matter. Teacosies With Irony was my immediate thought for a title when I came up with the idea for the webcomic.

Do you base the characters and stories in your strip on your own life and people you know?
My characters mainly were a result of picking six random types of crafts and trying to make up a person to fit to them. I prefer not to use people from my real life, although my ex-boyfriend might tell you a different story... The stories come from whatever craft I'm working on at the moment, or an idea I get from a random prompt word, or from anywhere! A lot of the plotlines and jokes I actually get from the "You Know You're A Craftster When..." thread on Craftster! It's a goldmine.

What are your favourite crafts to make and do?
You just can't beat knitting for something relaxing to do in front of the TV, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of knitting and sewing my own clothes. I'll try my hand at anything - why buy something when you could make it yourself? And then, you know, have it fall apart after five minutes and then have to fix it with some duct tape or something.

Check out more strips at the Teacosies With Irony website.


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