Snippets Issue 31 : The Enchanted Issue

Rookie Yearbook One

Life skills 101, make a zine and win the yearbook!

Rookie Yearbook One

By Snippets

Win a copy of Rookie Yearbook One!

We've got a copy of Rookie Yearbook One up for grabs for readers in Canada, US and UK. For your chance of winning, simply leave a comment below telling us why you want to win. Good luck!

Contest closes on May 15th!

Congratulations to Monika Gottindottir!

Need some inspiration? Check out these extracts from the yearbook! (Click to view larger)


I like the look of the book
Girls, some beginner rules on dating
1. Never date a man who wears animals on his head (ie coon skins, reindeer antlers etc)
2. Never date a man whose older siblings still live at home.
I have been collecting these pearls of wisdom for many years. Feel free to add your own anonymously of course.
It looks pretty cool
Rookie is amazing and at times, has even helped me stay sane!
This looks like a prime outlet for inspiration and a stress reliever at its best. My heart is ingrained with a crafty silver lining and just taking a sneak peak at this leaves me craving to see more! Please? Happy
aw rookie.... rookie's so great and I owe a lot of my life to it for teaching me how be a kickass girl (especially in high school- its so hard!!)... I would love to have something to show my friends and (future) kids how important and fun it can be to love yourself Happy

CO+K User
It looks like a really fun read. It would be a nice break away from all of the history books I've been glued to as of late!
I would love to win this! It looks like a TON of fun!!
I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of this little compilation of visual and intellectual awesomenesss since I saw it on a while back. However, I am, in fact, a broke fourteen year old, freshman, in rural USA...with out a job. (and sadly no debit card)
Something of substance. There are so many horrible things in this world. It's nice to see something fun, useful, and it makes me smile.
It looks like an awsome book to have. . . . . me wanteeeee Pweeeeeeze Happy
Rookie is a great site that teaches girls about feminism and empowerment, and I want to have something of that to show future generations, so that those ideas and important lessons are not lost.
Honestly it just looks like a blast.

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