Snippets Issue 31 : The Enchanted Issue

Pom Pom Factory

We chat to Karen from The Pom Pom Factory about her creative business.

Pom Pom Factory

Now who wouldn’t love a job working with the most colourful fun objects you could imagine? I know I would! The Pom Pom Factory team have spend the past few years creating gorgeous Pom Poms for bespoke events and Individuals with stunning results. We chat to 
Karen at The Pom Pom Factory and ask her all about her Inspiration, how her business grew and some much appreciated advice for crafters who want to expand.

Your Pom Pom’s are so colourful and vibrant, what drew you to this particular area of creativity?
It all started with 10 white pom poms I made for a window display a few years ago... customers would come in and tell me they wanted my design for their weddings and events. Since then, I started making them in different colours and sizes; I also tried displaying them in different forms: for instance, we made a pom pom dress in 2010 for a photoshoot that we organised and we got really positive feedback from bloggers around the world. It was then that I knew my pom pom designs could really inspire other people and make them happy. This has kept me going and trying different things from working with Selfridges and Hobbs on their displays to magazines such as Brides and Marie Claire.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Pom Pom's structure is very similar to a flower which is why I always get my inspiration from nature. I also like to find inspiration in films and animations especially on the set/prop design area.

Do you see your business branching out into different areas, where will you go from here?
  My dream is to have a real pom pom factory which not only produce pom poms but also specialise in creating bespoke and avant garde displays for clients around the world.  

Do you have other crafts that you like to dabble in on a rainy Sunday afternoon?  
My friend is teaching me about jewellery-making at the moment and it is quite a challenge for me since I am used to working with paper and folding techniques and not so much with metal and other hard materials. Maybe I can combine these elements with pom poms for future projects.  

What makes you happy?  
Waking up every morning knowing that I can channel my creativity in my work that I am absolutely passionate about.  

Do you have any tips for people who want to start their own businesses?
You must follow your heart, work hard, be patient and build a good team and have fun along the way!  

What has been your most unusual request for a display?
We haven't got any request that is too avant garde as of yet but we have made 'unusual' props before for photoshoots such as the pom pom umbrella.  

Have you ever had such a ridiculous request you had to refuse?  
No, not yet. I love a challenge and am looking forward to one though!   

Now for the Fab Five:  
1. If you could make a Pom Pom display for anyone in the world who would that be?  
I would love to make a display for anyone in the Royal Family... Can you imagine a pom pom display hung in Buckingham Palace?  

2. Would you rather be chased by ten, duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?  
Can I be chased by both just to see what they look like?  

3. Pick one and tell me why: pink, yellow, green, red, black  
Black, for clothes.  

4. Would you rather snog Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear Bloke!) or have Simon Cowells’ babies?   No! I'd rather be snogged by ten horse sized ducks.  

5. Who is your favourite person in the world?   My mother.   


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