Snippets Issue 31 : The Enchanted Issue

Cat VS Human

We chat to Cat Verses Human author Yasmine Surovec and give you a chance to win the book

Cat VS Human

We've got two copies of the Cat VS Human book to give away, along with some adorable printables for you to print-out. For your chance of winning, leave a comment below telling us what makes you a cat lady?

Contest closes on May 15th.

Congratulations to Beccasaurus and Ashinezz.

Having one cat who loves to snuggle or having ten cats who sometimes snuggle?
That's a hard one! But I absolutely love it even when my one kitty comes to snuggle with me. 

Kittens in mittens or cats in hats?
Cats in hats. My kittens would be uncomfortable in mittens!

Dinosaur tea party or kitten dance party?
Kitten dance party, but dinosaurs are always invited.

How do you work with your cats around?
They're pretty good helpers! They warm my chair for me when I'm out of my studio, make sure my doodles don't get blown in the wind by laying on them, and they lay on my lap while I work to make sure I don't get up and goof around. 

Do you encourage your cats' bad behavior? ie: table scraps
I try not to, bur it's hard! And if I say "no", it's not like they'd listen to me anyway. 

What is your opinion on cat clothes and do you use them?
I don't really have strong opinions on cat outfits. My cats hate them, so I've stopped trying. But I've seen cats in the CvsH community who wear vests or raincoats, and they seem to not mind it. 

Your career has changed from comics to geology, clothes, and back to comics. Do you have a place you want to "end up" or do you enjoy changing it up periodically?
The most constant aspect of my career is that I've always been in the creative field. I enjoy drawing, and designing and making things. And as long as I don't tire of creating, whether they be designing shoes or making comics and children's books, I'm going to keep at it!

<<< Side note, I wasn't a geologist. I switched degrees from geology to art :) >>>

Does your "real" job inspire your comics or vice versa?  
My "real" job is observing my cats and making comics about them, so it's definitely an inspiration.

Do you feel restricted in your art at work or other more public/paid positions?
Do you mean creating art under someone else's supervision? Most definitely. There are a lot of factors involved. I can only speak based off working with larger companies, and many times, what you create has to pass through numerous hands. It's a collaborative effort, I suppose. And when money and lots of people are involved, there is a lot of input on what things (like artwork and designs) should or shouldn't look like. Now, making art for myself (like my comics and illustrations), I pretty much don't have a lot of restrictions. I'm very fortunate that a lot of the people who read my comics can relate to them.

Did you think your blog of cat drawings would go over as big as it has?
I was actually quite surprised. I started CvsH to blow off steam from my day job designing accessories for a large company. And I absolutely adore cats--I've always had multiple cats at home--and it was just natural for me to make comics about the life of a cat person. I had absolutely no idea that I'd have so many readers. It's really nice to know that a lot of people love cats as much as I do!

Since your blog has become so big, do you feel that it's a job?
Nope! I absolutely love to draw, and I absolutely love my cats. I don't think I'd get tired of it. But aside from the Cat Versus Human blog, I'm also working on a number of books and illustration projects. I think the key for work to not feel like a "job" is for you to love it. I also think that it's good to have other hobbies and projects; it keeps work interesting. Variety is a good thing! 

What is an art type or medium you've never tried but want to?
I work primarily on flat surfaces. My husband is a sculptor, and I'd love to collaborate with him one day. 

The girl in your drawings looks very distressed at times. What do your cats do that drive you crazy every time?
I wouldn't say distressed. More like flustered or frazzled. Like when your cats meow very loudly and wake you up at 3am in the morning because they want to play with you or have their treat. They can drive you nuts sometimes. But I mean that in a good way! They're hilarious, and they don't even know it!

Describe your creative process. Observe, reflect, draw on paper, take notes, take actual pictures, use a tablet...?
My comics are based primarily on my cats (and living with them). Much of my observations and quick ideas are jotted down on a notepad so I don't forget. After that, I sketch the roughs in Illustrator using a tablet and do the line drawings on top of the sketches. Once I have the black and whites laid out, I import into Photoshop for coloring. And that's it! It's a fairly simple process.

Which computer programs have you tried to work with for your comics? Which do you recommend and not recommend?
I work with Illustrator, Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. I haven't really worked with other programs in creating my comics. 

Do you have any long-running side projects?
Yes! Aside from CvsH, I'm currently working a couple of children's books. I have one coming out in September, I See Kitty (Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan). And I'm also working on the second volume of Cat Versus Human (Andrews McMeel), which is out on October.

What else do you do just for fun?
I like to write short stories. I love to write and read science fiction/fantasy/comic books. I also love to hike and go on road trips with my husband. And of course I love playing with my cats and dog. They brighten my day. 

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?
I just want to keep on doing the things I love, whatever that may be. I've got simple expectations of myself, and I'd rather just be pleasantly surprised of what I become in ten years. 


Kittens or baby squirrels?
- Kittens!Though baby squirrels are super cute.

Cleaning litter or cleaning hairball?
Cleaning hairballs 

Cat kisses or dog kisses?
Cat kisses of course!

Drawing or coloring?

Paint or markers?

Catdog or Ren & Stimpy?
Ren & Stimpy
If you could be known for anything, what would it be?
A storyteller.

If you could be known for any kind of ART, what would it be?
Comics and picture books.

If you could meet any famous cat (fiction or not) who would it be and why?
That's a tough one! There were a bunch who came to mind. Hello Kitty. But she's super rich and famous, and her face is plastered everywhere, so it would be hard to hang out with her in public! Then I thought of Garfield. But all he does is complain about Mondays and eat lasagna. Then I thought…maybe I'd like to meet Hobbes. He seems to be a great companion and a good friend to have adventures with. So Hobbes it is!   

You can find out more about Yasmine and Cat VS Human on her blog, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter or pick up her books now from Amazon.


I am a cat lady because last year I lost my "Ole Lady" aka Dingy, she was 23 years old, my vet was so thrilled she said that to date my girl was the oldest cat she had the pleasure of caring for. She said it was the wonderful care and love I gave her that allowed her to live for 23 years. When she passed the vet said it was just old age, I have pictures of her sitting on a stool watching Ellen and Animal planet, she loved My Cat From Hell, lol. She now rests in an urn shaped like a cat curled up in front of my beta bowl, it was her favorite spot to sun herself. Several months after she passed my kids brought me home another kitten from a rescue place for Mothers Day. I called her Jypsey she was so tiny, the paid $150 for her and she looked like a little leopard, well 4 days later we rushed her to the vet before my doctors appointment as she was very limp and lifeless but still breathing, mind you I had already gotten attached, I still have her pictures. Well she passed while I was at the doctors so I had my son take me to the vet to take care of whatever I owed. My vet was extremely angry as the place Jypsey came from sold my son a very sick and very contagious kitten, she went so far to contact them. I will save you from the rest of that story and tell you about my handsome boy Odin he was a rescue at the vet and my son fell in love with him and really wanted me to have him but was afraid it was to soon. Odin is a Javanese, he is medium to long haired and white with peach colored flame tips and his eyes are the prettiest blue, as you can tell it wasn't to soon, lol. Odin follows me around like a puppy including the bathroom he really does not like me out of his sight. What is funny is when he calls for me it sounds like he is saying maaaaaaaa, I say what, he says maaaa and it goes on until he reaches me. Okay so now you see why I am definitely a cat lady my story is much longer but I will save you from having to read more so I will just say have a blessed day just me veronica =^+^=
What makes me a Cat Lady? Silly question, Human. As any Cat will tell you, it is the CAT who deems you worthy of their attention or mere presence, you simply have no say in the matter ;)
I have always seen myself when I get old as being the neighborhood crazy cat lady painting while one cat nibbles on my paint brush another helps add some highlights to the tree after dipping his tail in paint 2 more wrestling becuase each one thinks its their turn to be in the painting. When really the both are lol
Thanks for the inspiration. I need to grab some paper and start sketching.
I have a huge Maine Coon cat. Sir Chazz, he was Knighted for all the things he does for the Lady of the Manor. (OK I am a lady, having a knight for the homebound woman off the house well it just isn't rightHappy He found me after I dreamt about him for a week. The day I got a card from my daughter with the same cat on it my husband yelled that he needed me, pit my wheelchair in warp drive he arms were all the way in a blackberry bush. He was untangling a cat, no that cat 's long fur from all the thorns. He leaped into my lap. We thought he was 6 or 7 mnths old. The vet said no more like 3 1/2. As he grew and I feed him only the amount the vet said at a yr he was close to 20 lbs. She tested his blood he is a mix with Norwegian Forest cat. When he is 4 he will be full grown age things he will top out close to 30 lbs. He is the smartest cat I have ever had and loves music. His favorite playlist includes jazz blues and Celtic fiddle folk tunes. He wakes me up to take my pills by doing a Canon ball from the headboard onto my stomach. He finds what I lose, when I get upset he is at my side. My husband says he a sleeps better and just feels am I am OK becuase SirChazz is on the job. He has a huge cat tree that looks like a castle. When I call him my Knight in shinning fur. He does the regal pose.
Kathy (lady of the manor LOL!!.)
I have my cat that is 2 years old now that I bottle fed when he became an orphan. He has gone from fitting in the palm of my hand to 12 lbs. I have to say he is a lazy boy, however he has his moments when he wants to play. Then we have the my husband's cats, that are all rescues...
Aawww! <3 I love my kitty :3 She wants to bite all my fingers off, but I love her!
Loved this brief look into the mind of a cat person. Nice to know we're essentially the same but your so much more talented; being able to write and illustrate your passion (obsession).
I currently care for my 6, yes 6, cats. I have had fosters in and out throughout the years as well. These silly kitties are what makes me enjoy being at home. Watching them play matrix style by running up walls or just cuddling with me on the couch, they make the house feel like a home.
Cats are what keep me sane. I wasn't allowed to have one for many years, substituting hamsters for a fur friend but i have always been drawn to the feline family. Big small short and tall, i love cats!!! From Hello Kitty, Marie and the other Aristocats, Emily the Strange, and all the way to the Cheshire Cat. I've always had cat friends but my official transformation into Crazy Cat Lady was when i was chosen by my baby boy Jinxx. He was a stray that was unwanted by his owners, and he was mine from first MEOW. He has passed since but will always be my reason for petting my fur nieces and nephews everyday and loving them, their quirky personalities and just basically being totally infatuated with the most perfect creatures ever to exist. I am proud to be a Crazy Cat Lady forever. Long live the incredible cats big and small.
I'm a cat lady, but we got our lovely black cats from a rescue home run by a crazy cat lady! They are wary but love love love my daughter, who dresses like a goth so is black like them and I think there's an affinity there, even though I'm the poop scooper and feeder, grrrrrr (I don't mind really as she loves them dearly and is very sweet to them
I consider myself a cat lady because I have cats that move right into my house, all on their own. We have kitty flaps, and homeless cats just waltz right in and take up their place at the food bowl. I have had two cats move in within the last two years and have never left. Of course, I have other cats. One is 20 years old and other one is 18 years old. The two new cats have settled in quite nicely with the grandma kitties. It will be interesting come spring to see if any other cats move in. It sure saves me the time from going to the shelter to pick one out.
I attract cats. Even the ones who other people consider "wild" become purry little kittens when they're around me. I think that to them I'm just a weird-looking fellow cat.
What makes me a cat lady? I have 17 cats I took off the street over the course of 4 years......I talk to them more than I do actual people.....and I spend more money on them than I do myself XD Love my babies <3
My cats are my "Fur Babies". I treat them like they are my kids. My husband agrees.
I can't think of anything different from other's tales, all of the great, excet that I try to introduce non-cat people to the unusual world of cats and animals. Unusual to them. Normal to me. I have had cats for 65 years, and can't imagine life without the special love that cats give.
I immediately like people who have or love cats and I imagine that non-animal people have missed out and will hopefully find their way!
I have two rescue cats right now, Twilight, a Russian Blue and Lynxie, the most gorgeous white with gray long-haired boy....he looks like a pussycat, but thinks like a wild cat, They have both taught me much, like the 20 something felines before them.
I'm a cat lady because I am always covered in fur, even my freshly laundered wares are hairy.
I'm a cat lady because, despite my current lack of cat ownership, (for the first time since I was three years old!) at least half of my DIYs (and almost all of my LO's clothes) are cat-themed. (LO's first pet will be a cat, which will be happening SOON, as I can hardly go any longer without one!!) I also have a cat-themed bathroom in my house, hoping desperately my cat love will rub off a bit on all of the dog people I know. (Hey, it's worth a shot, isn't it?)
I keep allergy meds in a kitty tin.
I'm regarded by others as a literal cat lady. I don't know why, I suspect its some mild form of tourettes, but I've always made cat-like meow noises, particularly when I'm nervous or stressed. I even make them in my sleep! This encourages people around me to pat and stroke me often haha
I'm worse than a crazy cat lady. I'm a crazy animal lady. I have 20 pets.
Volunteering to foster kittens from the humane society even knowing that it means getting up every 2 hours for 6 weeks to bottle feed the litter kitten formula and manually try to get them to go potty. They are ever so adorable though!
I don't think you have to have a cat to be a Cat Lady. I think you just have to love the furry little guys and you can be a Cat (or Dog) Lady in your heart.

Here's my story:

As a child I was terrified of all things furry; both dogs and cats alike, until one day, a younger girl told me that I could play with her Game Boy (the original bulky gray kind), if I held her small dog for ten seconds. I really wanted to play with that Game Boy!

The rest is history. I realized then that furry friends weren't so scary. I slowly began to jump less when a cat or dog entered the room, until one day, I stopped jumping altogether. Several years later, my brother also got over his fear of dogs.

One day, I came home from college to find a tiny little furball of a puppy sitting on the kitchen floor.

Today, I live on my own, with no pets, although my building does allow cats. Some of my friends and neighbors have cats. One of my friends has two cats in her apartment. Whenever I visit these friends, I will pet their gorgeous cats without hesitation, especially when they jump onto my lap for a rest and a purr!
I'm totally a cat lady because when I was little, my grandma had this really sensitive and shy cat. Little by little I worked my charm on her and one day the cat slept on my lap! It was totally awesome ~(^,,^)

CO+K User
I grew up on a farm that always had cats. Not many were kept in the house, but I got to keep one inside when she was given to us by a family friend. I let her sleep wherever she wanted and had cat beds set up in empty furniture drawers. She would choose one spot and one spot only to sleep: My hip (because I'm a side-sleeper). She tried sleeping on my head once but it must not have been as comfortable. I guess being a cat lover and a human cat bed makes me a cat person Happy
I'm a cat lady because me and my cat like to share the warmth of my bed as my room's the coldest in the house, as we've done since she was a little kitten!

... that and I hiss at dogs.
We treat our cats very similar to how we treat our dogs (as if they are our actual children!) I dress them up, have "conversations" with them, they have their own pet beds but still sleep in our bed at night. I've always thought this makes me a cat lady!
I'm crazy for cats and, each time I see one, I cannot help myself by stopping and talking with baby voice to him. And I have a stalker cat home that follow me all the time Happy
I leave a trail of cat hair from my five cats wherever I go, and I swear even food I've bought from a shop while at work is contaminated with the stuff within 30 seconds of me opening it!
I am a crazy cat lady! Don't you recognize me? I am the one Yasmine drawn with the red dress ;)
I love kitties (like... alot.) but I really want this book to give to my best friend who is a true Cat Lady Happy

She has four cats who she loves and adores, she sleeps with them, celebrates their birthdays with tuna cakes and has a budget for emergency vet visits in her savings. She's really cool and surprisingly normal (from the outside anyways), she just happens to really love her cats - which is why I think she's a true Cat Lady.
This is a description of my cats:

• Sleeps for up to 18 hours a day
• Spends a lot of time grooming
• Dislikes dogs
• Transfixed by squirrels
• Moves around like a silent ninja
• Flexible body
• Aloof
• Solitary
• Night owl
• Leaves hair everywhere
• Silent most of the time
• Demanding when wants something
• Disapproves of most things
• Picky about food

No wait, that’s a description of me!
Let me count the ways that I am a "cat lady." First, I have six cats... all of whom are rescues. They all came to me one way or another: unwanted barn cat, kittens rescued from being trapped in an a/c vent, feral cat who just needed to learn to trust, etc. Second, I feed strays within the neighborhood and make sure to employ the use of TNR (trap-neuter-return) to help control the population of feral and stray cats in a humane way. Last,but not least, because of my and my family's love for cats, we have started our own no-kill cat sanctuary in New Mexico. We have 50+ cats in our care, and we work to find them loving forever homes if at all possible. If they never find that special someone, they will always have a home with us. I can honestly say that cats are my life.
I am not a crazy cat lady but I seem to surround myself with friends that are Happy most of my friends have no less than 3 cats each. 2 of my friends work to trap and spay ferrals and many times that leads to them owning even more cats. They like to say they are foster pet owners but I think that's really just an excuse to have even more cats.
I quilt little kitty quilts since my two loved my big ones, I buy cat toys even though they have like 800, I think about my cats all the time, I'd rather stay home with my cats then go out with people, I also have to stop what I'm doing when I see a kitty. I want to pet and hug every kitty that I meet. I also want to adopt very kitty I see even though I know I can't. Also I talk to my cats and they will meow back
How am I a cat lady? Let me count the ways. I can understand "cat", which still amazes my son who says, "how do you know what they are saying? She obviously was standing in the hall asking where you were (judging by her running into my room when I told her that I was "in here." He said, "I thought she was just meowing."
Cradling my kitty like a real baby.
I know I'm a crazy cat lady because I already have three cats and I want more. Cheeto is my orange tabby shorthair, Goat is my black cat, and Mama is our ten year old tabby. I used to love black cats but my new love is orange cats... they have so much more personality in my opinion. I've been around cats since I was a baby and the only reason we have cats is because of my obsession with them. I hope to always have at least two cats. You can't have just one.. plus I will always adopt from now on! No cat or dog should live their life in a cage.
My fiancé crocheted my cats little hats for the first valentines we spent together because I am a crazy cat lady.
Its just when I see a cat, I have to just stop what I'm doing and go and stroke them and give them some love. They just look so cute and innocent!
Me and my cat is very connected to me. The lil' stalke follows me almost every where from walking my dog to going to the corner store to get a snack. He actually follows me into the store, but its ok cus the owner and all the costumers love him. He has become quite the neighborhood celebrity.
Staying at home with my 6 kitties makes for a better day than going out and ending up spending/wasting money =)
I also get really stressed out when we ran out of kibbles, I think that makes me a serious cat lady, =)
Any guys who wants to date me needs to get his approval. He dislikes most of them and hiss at them the whole time.
Whenever I'm walking anywhere and see a cat wandering around I stop everything (including conversations) and try to get them to love me and let me pet them.
Also I have a whole photo album dedicated to pictures of my cat. (I swear he pretends he's sleeping during most of them and just happens to casually pose a little cuter when he hears my camera turn on)
The following quote echoes the relationship we have with our felines:

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its
visible soul.” - Jean Cocteau

I know I'm a cat lady because I pay the rent and my cats allow me to live there. Nice of them isn't it.
Gonna comment about being a cat lady: I seriously cannot nap without them. It's like they're a furry extension of me these days.
Crocheting my cat a sweater even though she may not like it and making her wear it just for the photos, I think that makes me a cat lady^^

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