Snippets Issue 25 : The Wedding Issue


Take a strip of photos in our PopBooth and win some t-shirts and photo strips.


PopBooth is an awesome photo booth application for the iPhone and iPad which lets you take a strip of four photos that you can have mailed to you in the post. Perfect for parties and weddings, we were keen to hear where the idea came from and spoke to inventor Bryan Kennedy.

Heather and I got married May 28. Earlier in the year, we had attended a friend's wedding that featured a photo booth. We and our friends had so much fun with it that we just knew that we had to have it at our upcoming wedding. But after researching rentable photo booths, we were shocked by how much they cost - upwards of $2,000 just for the booth! Trying to keep our wedding budget within a reasonable approximation of our means, this was a bit too much to swallow! At around the same time, Sincerely was gaining traction with our Postagram product, and we were thinking about new ways to reach our customers in meaningful ways. It came to me one day that if I we made an iPad-powered photo booth, people like us could have all the fun of a photobooth at their weddings, without the upfront expense and setup of a traditional photobooth. Thus, popbooth was born!

The popbooth was easily the star of the show at our wedding - we brought props like spinny-top hats and silly mustaches, and our friends just had a blast. It was positioned near the dance floor, and everyone took a turn - even our grandparents! We ended up having them printed and sent them as a fun alternative to the traditional "thank you" card. I'm hoping that other brides and grooms to be can make use of this fun new product on their special day.

Win some strips

We've got a t-shirt and photo strips to give away.

How to enter:

Simply download the free app for your iPad or iPhone and get snapping. Post your strip below and the winner will get a t-shirt and five strips and two runners up will also receive a t-shirt and a strip.

Download the App

Congratulations to our winner Monique E. and runners up, Pamela & Shirls.

You can find out more about the app at PopBooth.


Had a bit of a play on this, a great idea! Happy

CO+K User
i am soooooooooooooooooooo getting this app!
how much is it?
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This app is so much fun Happy
Small popbooth 1317492939
This app is awesome!
Small pop booth me and bunny oops 1317139518
i love popbooth ;)
Small img 0313 1315690977
Ok, I'm trying again to upload a decent image...
Small 6122296774 b12abb7c10 1315522792
Argh.. why do they turn out all squished? Happy
Ok Here is mine ^_^ I took pictures with some of my fav items I've recived doing swaps on CO+K. I tried to pin as many as I could to the quilt in the background. Also I have my fav elephant stuffie, some matchboxes, and cupcake earrings I'm showing off in different photos Happy
Small 6122296774 b12abb7c10 1315355474
<a href="" title="Popbootj by pamela pascali, on Flickr"><img src="" width="138" height="500" alt="Popbootj"></a>
I enjoy the app very much! It's cute, simple, and fun! Happy
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No it's not. We found the app and thought it'd be a cool alternative to photo booths, so we emailed the inventor to find out how he came up with the idea!
is this an advertorial written by popbooth?
i ordered a print from the app - very expensive $3 for low quality photos that i definitely wouldn't use to remember my wedding!
yes you can save $2k but instead i would take a photographer that would do a much better job
i just was not very impressed with the quality of the print

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