Snippets Issue 25 : The Wedding Issue

Non-Traditional Wedding

A non-perfect guide to a non-traditional wedding.

Non-Traditional Wedding

These days’ weddings have become more than just a simple white wedding. Weddings with strange and weird themes have started to take the wedding world by storm. Picture yourself walking down the aisle in a gothic castle or even having a sailor themed wedding on a boat. Weird wedding themes don’t have to be locked up in your head they can become reality. In Hong Kong McDonalds even offer McWeddings meaning that you can get married in McDonalds for cheap. A wedding can be whatever you want it to be, and with this non-perfect guide will entice you with four wedding themes that an out of the box wedding you will certainly enjoy.

Circus Wedding

Imagine Panic! At The Disco’s, I Write Sins Not Tragedies music video blended with Gogol Bordellos, Start Wearing Purple and you have got a wedding that is sure to be a spectacular extravaganza. Circus weddings are all about the explosion of excitement that will always leave the wedding guests wanting more. A circus wedding can either be held in a tent or outside with food served at stalls. If you want the full circus theme at your wedding then go for acrobat, trapeze, tightrope and juggler acts and etc and have the ceremony in a circus ring. The wedding music can range from circus punk bands such as The Word/Inferno Friendship Society and Muzza Puzza or circus music like Henry Filmore, Julis Fucik and Fred Jewell. The bride and groom can dress in any circus outfit that you feel like, the bride could dress up like a trapeze artist or whilst the groom can dress up as the ringmaster or in a suit.

Steampunk Wedding

Steampunk has taken the alternative world right under its thumb, so it’s not surprise that steampunk weddings are certainly getting popular. A steampunk wedding usually sticks to the steampunk attire such as gowns, petticoats, corsets and suits that have vests over them. Don’t forget your top hats, goggles, clocks and ray guns as it wouldn’t be a steampunk wedding without them. Music is likely to include Abney Park, The Clockwork Quartet, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, and Voltaire. The venue of the wedding could either be on a ship, a Victorian inspired steam room or even better how about having lighter than air airships floating above you. On “The Great Steampunk Debate” suggestions for steampunk food is mostly Victorian recipes and be made in technically modified cooking machines.

Victorian Gothic Wedding

Gothic Victorian makes use of the Victorian era and appetising decorum however it is more nail bititingly dark. A gothic Victorian wedding can be held in anything bait in the 1800s, mansion or a home that resembles a Victorian house. Gothic Victorian wedding outfits are engraved with layers and layers of petticoats, ball or wedding gowns, steel boned corsets (remember corsets should be worn underneath if you are going for this look) and lace gloves. If the bride is very into jewellery then you should go for rich and dark colours such as deep green, red, black and purple and chokers can be worn as well. For the groom the clothing is usually a waistcoat, ruffled shirt, top hat, and accessories should really be a cane or a pocket watch. Most Gothic Victorian music is classical and opera although music can include artists like Emile Autumn, Hannah Fury, Rasputina music emphasises on the Victorian era.

Rockabilly Wedding

The rockabilly phenomenon gave music in the 1950s a real good sock hop. A rockabilly wedding is a great way to step back in time and know that the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll is present at your wedding. Brides outfit is likely to be a halter neck dress that is either floral or a bright solid colours with 1950s hairstyles ranging from the classic victory rolls as seen on Dita Von Teese, Veronica Lake waves or the Bettie Page bangs. Adding a big flower goes hand in hand with the 1950s hairstyle. Whilst the grooms hair should be combed into a greased pompadour and sporting a coloured tuxedo with a vintage neck tie. You can arrive in a vintage Mustang to the wedding, plus the venue could resemble a 1950s diner or you can go for what most couples did in the 1950s and marry in a church. A massive skating ring would be perfect for dancing along to Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, The Stray Cats, Brenda Lee and Carl Perkins.

Want more ideas for an individual wedding? Then I recommend and these blogs will definitely help you out with having an outlandish and quirky wedding.


i like the gothic victorian wedding... i also like the steam punk idea!
My favourite theme is medieval... one of my hobbies is falconry Happy
I've always wanted a circus themed wedding! Everything pastel, a flamethrower, a giant carousel, ballerinas on the tight rope, people doing tricks on those long, red pieces if material that hang from the ceiling, cotton candy.....that kind of stuff!

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