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Rock 'N Roll Bride

Get inspired and plan your wedding with the rock 'n roll bride.

Rock 'N Roll Bride

Kat Williams, aka the Rock N Roll Bride is a UK blogger who turned her wedding journal in to a blog which inspires thousands of brides to be across the world. Although, she only lives a few hours from Snippets' UK home, our paths crossed 3,000 miles away in the midwest of America in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. We sip on milkshakes in a retro diner, while admiring walls covered in American kitsch, retro gas pumps and classic cars parked outside.

Kat's Budget Wedding Tips

  1. DIY as much as you can – the cake, the decorations, the flowers, the food. All you need is a little creativity and time in order to really put your own personal stamp on your day.
  2. Have a ‘pot luck’ style buffet instead of a traditional sit down meal. Ask every guest to bring their signature dish for a truly yummy culinary experience!
  3. Create your own floral arrangement by growing your own flowers (or if you’re not that green-fingered, by going to a flower market the day before) and putting them together yourself. A few stems in mismatched jam jars, vases and bottles can look really fab! Check out this wedding for example. Note: where possible go for seasonal blooms as these will often be cheaper too.
  4. Instead of an expensive hotel, think outside the box for venue ideas. A village hall, your parent’s back garden or even your favourite pub or restaurant might work out a lot cheaper – especially if the place you book isn’t necessary marketed as a wedding venue.
  5. eBay, Etsy & Folksy are your friend! You can get some really unique item that you can use in all aspects of your wedding if you just know where and what to search for.
  6. Scour wedding blogs tailored to budget weddings for ideas. I have a whole section on Rock n Roll Bride for budget weddings. Some of my other favourites for budget ideas include Broke Ass Bride, Bowie Bride and A Practical Wedding.

"I started rock n roll bride in October 2007, whilst I was planning my wedding. I loved reading wedding magazines and all the US wedding blogs and wanted a piece of the action! That's not to say I thought there was any money to be make out of blogging back then - I really just started it to document my wedding planning and because I liked the sense of community blogging seemed to bring. I've always been a secret internet geek and growing up I had always been a member of various forums to fuel my latest obsession

"Rock n Roll Bride became more than just a wedding planning 'bride blog'."

After planning her big day, Kat was hooked and continued her blog to showcase other bride's rock 'n roll weddings. "I loved and still simply just love weddings. I was not a girly girl who dreamt of her big day before that so I guess I've got my husband Gareth to thanks for unleashing that one! Weddings are such a happy time, and these days so visually appealing and creative. I'm very visual person and I guess the weddings I saw online inspired me. Once we were married in April 2008, I didn't want to give up blogging and looking at all these pretty and happy occasions so Rock n Roll Bride then became more than just a wedding planning 'bride blog' for me."

Today, Kat it the perfect vision of a rock 'n roll bride with her bright pink hair, Tarina Tarantino jewellery and custom headband from bridal designer Princess Lasertron. "My wedding certainly wasn't as 'out there' as it would be now! Before Rock n Roll Bride there wasn't really any other wedding blogs or magazines sharing these 'alternative' weddings so I guess even I didn't know that it was ok to be different! Our wedding had a slight vintage vibe and was black and white themed - think breakfast at Tiffany, vintage Hollywood and romance...oh and I didn't have pink hair...yep, I dyed my hair brown for our wedding because I thought that was what you were 'meant to do' - can you believe it?!"

"I dyed my hair brown for our wedding because I thought that was what you were 'meant to do'."

"A Rock n Roll Bride is someone who wants to buck the industry trends ord what people expect of a wedding, and instead puts herself (and her husband to be's!) interest and love into their day - whatever that may be. I guess you could describe the weddings I feature as 'alternative' but it's not all about body art and crazy coloured hair - it's about sharing individuality and of course love, however that might be expressed."

"It's about sharing individuality and of course love, however that might be expressed."

"Long receiving lines, formal photographs, butterflies, lilac, cheap stationery, terrible DJ's and bad food" are just a few of Kat's pet hates about traditional weddings. "I often get asked to pick my favourite weddings on the site and I find it really difficult to answer because a) I see SO MANY awesome weddings and b) they are all so different. However some of my recent personal favorites include: Party Hard Weekend, Multi-Coloured DIY Wedding, Fun Vintage Rock N Roll North London Wedding and a Kitschy Quirky Vintage Wedding. I love the individuality of each and every one. They are all fantastic for different reasons. I know there will be many other favorites that I've forgotten, but when you feature three weddings a day for over three years its hard to keep track!

"I have been asked to photograph and plan people's weddings in the past but I've respectfully declined! That's not my job and there are plenty of fabulous professionals I can recommend for the job that are sure to do it better than me! A lot of my friends are now getting married too (I got married relatively young - at 24 - so I was the first of all my friends) so I'm constantly on hand to offer advice or recommend fabulous suppliers!" Cuddled next to her husband Gareth, we ask how she handles marriage as a rock 'n roll wife. "Laugh together and don't worry about being the 'perfect housewife' - I'm terrible at cleaning/tidying, and we probably have a takeaway or go out for dinner at least twice a week in our house!"

The future is looking very bright for the blogger. This morning Kat appeared on breakfast TV, last night we watched her walk in a fashion show and in the next couple of days, she will fly to LA for even more business and pleasure. "Next year I hope to travel to the States a few more times for various projects and events and my mind is constantly filled with new ideas which I can't talk about just yet! It's all go go go in Rock n Roll Bride land!"

Keep up with Kat's adventures and be inspired by amazing weddings on her blog, Rock N Roll Bride.

(Photography by David McNeil, Emma Case and cover photography by Shell de Mar).


i want her hair , ( when im older i will die my hair pink and black itll b awesome
This is beautiful. "Let them eat cake"

Lovin it!

CO+K User
if u had 2 describe it in 1 word i would pick
I want her hair, but its hard to get away with it in Texas!
she photographes beautifully, and i LOVE her hair.
i have been wanting to go out to la all my life they say it is party century i am just a old country boy kentucky help me get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im a Fan of her Blog. Xoxo Sylvette from Puerto Rico

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