Snippets Issue 25 : The Wedding Issue

Gaia Noir

Win a hat and make a veil with Gaia Noir.

Gaia Noir

By Jane Faye

Gaia Noir is an eco-fashion business I run from my wee Scottish workshop. I started it because although being green is clearly really damn important, I do not like Itchy Beige Hemp. Itchy Beige Hemp is indeed many peoples' first thought when they imagine eco fashion. But I like jewel-coloured velvet, black lace and circus stripes better than Itchy Beige Hemp – and I thought there might be other ladies who agree! Gaia Noir also specializes in custom dreadlock extensions. I've been making, wearing and testing new hair designs on myself for the past 5 years. I bloomin' love these dreads – pardon my feminism, but it is nice to only take as long fiddling with your hair as you want to, dreads being basically ready to rock the minute you wake up.

I don't really think in terms of 'feeling inspired' or 'being artistic', but I do get many neat practical ideas at the aesthetics/ideas behind Steampunk and Lolita. Juxtaposing the creepy spikiness of Punk and Goth with the ladylike ruffliness of Victoriana and Roccocco - this contrast is fascinating. It's also a fun challenge to rework these styles in eco-friendly modern materials and designs. For example, using fairly traded and organic velvet for Victorian skirts, trimmed with a beautiful new type of recycled satin (which is actually made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!). Or just upcycling vintage jewellery parts and second-hand fabrics into designs, to save them from landfill. I have had to rein in the wild ideas, though. My ongoing new designs list has a subcategory called 'Things You're Not Really Allowed to Make Because Only Lady Gaga Will Wear Them'.

I began crafting full-time after graduating Uni in an entirely unrelated field. Whilst I really enjoyed University, after 18 years of full-time education, you're ready to force-feed your pencil case to the next person who mentions exams. So no more Uni just now, and instead, I started a business without any formal training in dressmaking or business studies, whilst the economy crumbled around us like a wet biscuit (incidentally, my advice to other crafters looking to start a business would be 'Work hard, learn fast, and be mildly insane!'). And yet it's working!

My friends have all been excellently helpful about this current career choice, although my family thinks it's unusual - but then families often do, don't they? At a recent gathering, my uncle squinted at me, seeing the dreads, curious attire and peculiar boyfriend (a dear, tiny, blonde Steampunk foreigner with A.D.D) and asked in bewilderment, 'But you're 23...are you always going to be this way?'. I smiled and said 'I hope so!'

Get Crafty With Gaia Noir

Need something to wear on your big day? Jane has shared a tutorial for making a basic bridal veil which is perfect for "costumes, eventwear, hallowe'en, or...who knows? actual wedding!".

Win a Mini Tricorn Hat

We've got an eco mini tricorn hat to giveaway to one lucky reader. The hat is a one-off design made exclusively for Snippets. It's called 'Circus Rose', and is made from Eco-Fi 100% recycled felt with upcycled striped trims and red rosebuds.

How To Enter:

For your chance of winning, simple leave a comment describing your style below and we'll have Jane pick the winner!

You can find out more about Gaia Noir and buy pieces from their collection on the Gair Noir Website. (Photography by Stuart Crawford, Grahame Ritche Image and RockstarVanity Photography.)


my style depends on my mood and where i'm going. For instance if i'm hanging out with my friends or going to the mall or movies with them i would wear colourful and funky clothes like maybe.a red and white striped shirt with a pair of parrot green shorts and comfy sandals. i boost up all my outfits with accessories and nail colours.i'm crazy about acessories so i wear them practically everywhere and i love bows because i think they're cute so everything i wear has a bow in it (a bow ring, necklace, headband etc)
My style is very colorful bright neon colors. I like bright colors because they are full of life.
I ment simple
lacy, long, siple, sweet, and baby pink
My style is full of lace and short skirts in a combination of classy and flirty. I like to pull out vintage steampunk clothes at every chance i get but ever day its diverse from the previous
My style is Romance. Some call it Romantigoth. I love to sew yards and yards of black, cobalt or blood red satin, velvet and lace into hugely full skirts worn over hoops, bustled and trained, and cinched up tight with a lovely corset. I revel in hats and make my own hatpins to wear with my hats. I am also a bead artist and do intricate bead embroidery on many of the items I make. People ask me how I can spend so much time making things...I tell them its for the romance!
I love classic construction and small simple floral prints found in vintage fabric and old garments. The combination of modern pieces with vintage pieces is what I enjoy the most.
My style is well,
Cowgirl rocker! I like my boots but I gotta have my ripped jeans and rock shirt. I hate buying expencive things that aint good. So I make my own fake dreads paint my shoes and my things I can rip apart and reuse again! I love punk rock but I like to be a down to earth country girl.
my style would be hiden dorck

CO+K User
a floral princess with a qwirky ,
funky, sweetie pie edge with pom pom scarfs , cozy boots with a hollister hoodie and a red coat autumn colours to math my red hair.
I've got a knitted hat with ears and a panda hat a hoodie with emo bears and also cute leggwarmers with diamonds,little bows etc.
I mix up the scene clothes with neko so it doesn't look dark or depressed because thats not who I am =D
Id say my style is massively inspired by Tim Burton. I love to add aspects of gone eras, I would say I look like I have been on a journey through space and time. Also through some sort of whimsical fantasy world inside my head, as well as many others minds. I love the clothes and imagery in Victorian Mourning and I like to think I have a feel of that in my clothing. I'd love to add a piratey, circus feel too, with a bit of a dandy highway woman stirred in. I love all of the giant hair and finery of the rococo era and I like to think if I had the time and money I would end up looking at least a little like them.
This is how I would describe both my dress and personality.
Part of me has never left the nineties. I also work in classical music and cirque/physical theater- so it's always an effort not to look like I just came from a Flash Dance or Fame audition but that said I work my work-clothes into my day-clothes. I often think theatrically so I'll have "characters" like from movies and books or myths in my head. I have several dresses I go to for different stories I feel I'm in. I have a rose printed dress in a tight vintage cut that I like to wear with docs on days I am going to battle and I have a couple bustle/tutu's that I can wear with jackets or not which works great going from night to day. All of wardrobe lets me sneak in leggings of course. I'm still figuring out what jeans are for though I have one skinny pair that ain't bad.
My style draws from varied influences, gothic and lolita being my most currently worn styles - I have ranged from a grunge-punk to a cyber-freak and inbetween... My wedding was full of fascinators and lace, piratical hen-nights, cupcakes and spots on 50s swing dresses! But my heart lies with the subtle beauties of lolita. I sew bows on most things. Adorn shoes, bags, hats, dresses, eyepatches and hair styles.

Oh, and don't forget the bloomers.
My style is in a single word: Comfortable.
Basically my style is a unique concoction of punk, goth, and grunge tastes. Lots of black/red , spikes, mesh, weirdness and overall attention grabbing. Which is rather daring when u live in hick-village Kentucky. lol I also make most of my own clothes now (since ive become quite poor recently). And now i love them more then clothes ive bought! My favorite outfit is ripped stockings/fishnets, black tattered miniskirt with some band shirt ive reconstructed, with my DocMartin knee-high boots.

Btw, i laughed my arse off when i read the look/comment her Uncle gave her. Because thats exactly how my family gatherings are with me too! lol
My style is formed by two styles, One day I'm hippie and a groovy girl and the next one I'm a perfect gothic girl, except my skin tone. I love to dress different from the other people. The hat will be perfect for me, because is just like I'm, unique, black and white and also my style is just like a litlle rosebund, that will turn into the biggest and stranger rose of all around.
My style is a mixture of vintage items with completely random and amazing pieces of jewelry I've either made or bought. I like to show off what ive made to the world!
My style has the ethics of punk diy a way with introspects of metal and a touch of a b-movie scream queen and 80s trash.
My style has the ethics of punk diy a way with introspects of metal with a touch of a b-movie scream queen and 80s trash.
I love to mix goth, rockabilly and psychobilly together, so just call me Gothabilly! As long as I can have a touch of spookiness within my look then I'm happy - A pin up style for the undead Happy
My style is all over the place. It can be immature in a mature way. Sometimes I like to be very girly with heels and dresses and other times I like to be down to earth with a sweater and jeans. One consistent thing with my style though is color. I always have color. Sometimes a lot or sometimes just a little pop.
Somewhere in between a Victorian lady, a circus performer, a pirate, medieval druid, Alice in Wonderland, and something seriously Gothic. This hat is absolutely GOURGEOUS ^_~
I have a very romantic vintage style, almost neo-Victorian. I like fitted silhouettes in muted colors with touches of texture. I am a big fan of velvet and lace accents, metal or pearl buttons, and the like. I try to add color and variety in my accessories, that way my wardrobe goes a lot farther on my budget. I also like "tough girl" in a soft look, like leather boots with a lace top top.
I would have to say my style is vintage. When I say vintage, I don't mean those "vintage" clothes from Forever21 or Urban outfitters. I talking about the real deal. The REAL vintage. Floral prints from the 80s and 90s, moomoo dresses, bold prints and patterns, blazers with the shoulder pads - all from swaps, hand me downs, and thrift stores. It's a great way to reduce your fashion footprint. So basically you're doing two things: 1. you're doing the enviroment a favor 2. you're exploring new fashion finds for yourself.
My style is all about composition. Every detail is purposeful because every detail sends message. Imagine a cutesy purple dress with black tights and cute shoes, but with skull and cross bone earrings. Suddenly, the meaning changes. Or perhaps a tailored blazer and jeans, but with a rocker tee underneath. I like to create tiny paradoxes in all my outfits... and have never subscribed to one particular style, although I draw from Japanese Lolita, goth, bohemian and "corporate chic" quite often. My motto is "expect the unexpected"... the day you can predict what I'm going to wear... heaven help me, I've lost it!
My style? Vintage denim,old tees saying for example 'Frankie says hello!',loads of old Granny sweaters and jumpers,stilettos in solid,dark colours.Some lacy,kitschy,kawaii jewelry on top-et voila!
I've come to call my style "electro-lolita piracy". Of course, different days call for different elements, but generally, my looks consist of lots of color, lots of fancy, and lots of badassery.
My style is never the same two days in a row. One day it might be that of an airship pirate scaling the heady skies in search of loot. The next, a delicate faerie from a long-forgotten woodland somewhere. Gothic princess, temptress of days of yore, cyber goth, lolita, hippy, grunge... the list goes on. Whatever my mood is, is where my style is taken. It makes knowing what I'm wearing to an event rather difficult, but keeps life interesting. Happy I simply adore this hat!
my style is something like what a traveling circus would wear. suspenders, tights, fishnets, skirts, poofy tops, etc. often in clashing colors, and with an interesting hair-do to match.
my style is incredibly eclectic; one day, steampunk, another, bohemian, from elctrogoth to hipster. but one thing remains constant, attention to detail. I love, love, love this hat and have been wanting a tricorn for centuries, not really, but you get the point, or shall i say points Happy have a lovely day.

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