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sarah m.
sarah m. · Dublin, Dublin, IE
Hi Tinker-Tinka
I saw in your "carve your own stamps" tutorial that you describe the carving tools as costing about 2 euro and I was wondering, because you wrote euro rather than dollars or pounds, if you live in Ireland? If you do, could you tell me where you found those tools? I've looked everywhere!
Thanks a lot
Sarah xx
Tinker-Tinka · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 5 projects
I'm so sorry, haven't logged in here in ages.
I got the tools at a hardware store.
Unfortunately I'm not in Ireland, but in Germany, though.
Amy Robina
Amy Robina · Ulverston, England, GB · 14 projects
Thanks Tinker Happy
It was quite amusing. x
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 16 projects
I love your stuff! Those stamps are brilliant!!! So is the knitting loom. :]]]]]