Snippets Issue 1 : The Rock Star Issue

Get A Hobby Competition

Win yourself a copy of Get a Hobby! by Tina Barseghian.

Get A Hobby Competition

We have 3 copies of the fabulous new book from Tina Barseghian, Get a Hobby! to give away. Simply tell us, if you could have any hobby in the world, what would it be? The most unique, or weirdest, answers will win. You can also purchase copies of the book from Taunton Press or on Amazon. Good luck!

Question: If you could have any hobby in the world, without limitions, what would it be?

Creating real imaginary friends for small children, and organizing group events for them.

Heather Wilson
I would be a pearl diver. This a totally outrageous hobby for me because I live in New England (where it is cold and we have a distinct lack of peal diving opportunities. Also because I am deathly afraid of diving and as a small child I would freak out when I saw underwater ocean documentaries. These things aside I think that pearl diving would be an exciting hobby with tangible rewards.

Christie Dannewitz
trawl repairer! - out on the open water knitting patches on shrimp-catching trawls - a little bubba gump, sure, but relaxing nonetheless :)

Jean Fitzgerald
Collecting craft books

Leigh Cain
I would love to make outdoor sculptures from indoor items - a rose trellis from a chandelier, and things like that. I want a garden that looks like a fairy tale castle rotted away, and plants grew over what was left.

My hobby would be.. collecting bread tags (or plastic bags, or clothing tags or finding a use for melted candle wax)and finding creative and appropriate uses for them.

alice anjo
fine dining - not the cooking, just the eating

Thea Baker

Elizabeth Gibbons
extreme scrapbooking with all the tools

stephanie williams
collecting prescription pill bottles.

andrea a. dela cruz
my time-consuming hobby (and disturbing to some) is smelling, REALLY smelling books. sticking my nose inside yellowed pages or crisp freshly printed magazines gives me a thrill no words could describe. now if only i had the luxury of time and the priviledge of living in solace in a bookstore--ah, life would be perfect.

I'd build treehouses for kids and grown-ups, beginning with a fancy home in a pecan tree for myself - and my poodle, Charlie.

Kelsey Leftwich
I want to learn to make plaster molds and casts of naked bodies.

Steven Blackmur
I would like to make western style crafts using Yak based materials.

traveling the world and evaluating healing well/spring waters for taste and feel.

Margaret Rogers
Needle Felting Miniature Animals for Dollhouses

Would spend all day salvaging junk yards and such for materials to create art work and have every inch of my house and yard full of sculptures and artwork.

edelmira guerrero
i would love to be a prolific quilter.

stained glass making (which i\'ve never tried but would love to)

amy kenyon
i would collect animals off the side off the road become a taxidermist and stick on googley eyes once im done.

Jenn Erwin
chasing after unicorns.

sam kopicko
never summer chaser

Jessica Hood
Photography! I know nothing about it, take horrible pictures & am scared to death of it. And I need the cash to purchase a good camera!

I would love to be able to collect a miniature eraser collection, the exact same as my original collection although the eraser\'s would be fit for a dolls house :)

Danielle Seikaly
the hobby i would love to have is glass blowing and glass casting. there is nothing more beautiful then hand blown glass.

Heather Fortney
If I could have any hobby, I would be able to sew. I have a sewing machine & it constantly taunts me. I try to sew something & all I get is a jammed machine & a ton of frustration. I want to make pretty dresses for myself.


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