Snippets Issue 1 : The Rock Star Issue

Eraser Fanatic

A look in to the curious world of Miquette's every growing eraser collection.

Eraser Fanatic

Welcome to my wonderful world of erasers/rubbers. My name is Miquette Breitenbach, I prefer to always say "erasers" as the Americans find it very funny and a bit kinky when I say that I have over 6,000 rubbers!

rubbers / erasers

Anyway back to the point, I started collecting when I was around 9 years old, I am now 25, and although I don't buy as many nowadays, if i see a really interesting one I can not walk past it! I MUST buy it.

It all started when I went on a trip to the shop John Menzies, my older cousin took me shopping to get stationery for school, this was always my favourite kind of shopping, before school started up again it was always great to have a nice selection of stationery to show off in class.

My older cousin helped me pick out some nice erasers and she had said, "they are too nice to use", I agreed and kept buying others. Once I had collected around 50, I decided that I may as well just collect them! So my obsession began!

rubbers / erasers

I don't look at my erasers as tools to rub out pencil marks. I have always been fascinated with the design of them and the cute characters that you find on them including Pops Club, Snoopy, Sanrio, San-X, Holly Hobbie, Beautiful Sunday, Toki Doki and many more. I love the bright colours and the size of them! I have always enjoyed displaying them in colourful bright ways that are pleasing to the eye.

I also find my erasers to be a massive inspiration in my art and you will often see that my artwork is very colourful, similar to a pile of erasers. I think i will always collect erasers and it's just a part of me now.


Your collection is AMAZING! Us Brits also find 'rubbers' a bit kinky! I just thought I would let you know I have started a new facebook page for eraser collectors. Please do join in and post all kinds of interesting info about memories/favourite rubbers/anything! The link is: Keep collecting! Rachel
I don't know the exact amount last time I counted it was approx 5000 so I am guessing 7,000. My new obsession is Strawberry Anarchy so I actually only buy one if it is extra special nowadays x
woah! i love how you stiil collect them! omg how much do you have?

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