Snippets Issue 1 : The Rock Star Issue

Vintage Revival

Raid your wardrobes, your old clothes are making a comeback.

Vintage Revival

As we walk down the street we are confronted with a vast array of vintage "clobber", we squint through false eyelashes at a sea of trendy-peep toed-patent leather oddities of acid induced trip wear. Is this 1969? -I think not! Although, if we look hard enough for just the right clutch bag, the perfect however questionable matching pair of brogues, it could be. How did this happen? The rekindled desire for all things retro seems to have happened over night, erupting, not just into a craze but into a way of life, spreading outwards from the streets of London, Paris, New York and Tokyo and onto the catwalks. The vintage revival has made an appearance in many of this years collections by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Christopher Kane and Nathan Jenden. Included are many Victorian inspired clothing with a modern day edge. This sudden uprise in neo-vintage clothing is very convenient as it means affordable originality, rather than paying extortionate prices for turning up to an event only to be confronted with your dress in several different sizes. Is this Biba, the iconic 60's fashion boutique ideals revisited? Charities pull together explioting the retro revival for a good cause, specialised "vintage" branches of Barnardos use profits made to make a diffrence where it counts. Shops such as Topshop, Miss Selfridges and French connection make way for retro replicas and revived rarities of the should you.

This new-vintage culture allows like minded people to rub shoulders in vintage clothing emporiums,oldies-backstreet record stores and club nights across the uk giving a nod of appreciation in the direction of good taste.This new wave of the old is not just restricted to fashion but is now becoming a main feature in our homes along with many furniture designs and wallpaper becoming increasingly reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.Up and down the country independent record stores are profiting from an increase in vinyl sales and places such as FOPP stock up. Club nights and venues such as the Eyes Wide Open an The Blitzkreig Bop in Glasgow are the places to be seen, dedicated to the best of 1950s/60s garage and freak beat these are almost walk-in museums, anything but boring, where you can hear the best music and see the best parodies of the past; now.

Whether it is an IKEA chair, cunningly named something sweedish, based upon an original 1960s design or a 1950s prom dress, retro is on the rise.Taking comfort in the familiar, we have the benefit of hindsight, tried and tested fashion from over the decades.


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