Snippets Issue 1 : The Rock Star Issue

Charming Girl

Add a little charm to your wardrobe with This Charming Girl.

Charming Girl

It has to be a girl's worst nightmare, finding a great piece of jewellery on the high street and then seeing everyone wearing it. Jackie Currie, the creator of online jewellery store This Charming Girl agrees: "I was fed up of buying jewellery from the high street and seeing everybody and their Gran wearing it," she says of her motivation to set up This Charming Girl, "I'd been making some jewellery for myself out of sheer boredom really and wondered if other people would like it too."

charm necklace

This Charming Girl was born last autumn and stocks a variety of quirky, unique pieces and vintage jewellery. Expect romantic little charms, cameos and adorable pendants. Most of the charms that Jackie sources are vintage, so some of the pieces are limited editions. But don't expect the sort of audacious pricing that often comes with the territory, prices range from £5 to £15. "I don't think vintage should mean expensive so I try and keep my prices very reasonable" says Jackie of her range.

Right now her favourite piece is the "Busy Bee" necklace, a little blue honeycomb cameo from the 50's with a brass bee dangling over it. Other pieces to look out for include "An Apple a Day", a cute little white apple pendant, and "Over the Rainbow", a must for anyone nostalgic for Care Bear days gone by.

Check out more gorgeous jewellery over at This Charming Girl.


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