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pretty fly for a white guy
fruitflies and i hate each other. i came up with this clever way to capture them. and if you're anything like my mother, you can release them easily too.

Posted by aaangi from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Published See aaangi's 8 projects »
  • Step 1

    gather your supplies:

    clean jar and its matching lid
    1 jar of blueberry baby food
    hammer and nail

  • Step 2

    take a small spoonful of blueberry baby food and put it in the bottom of your clean jar and close the lid.

  • Step 3

    take your nail and hammer and poke a single fruitfly-sized hole into the lid.

  • Step 4

    leave the trap somewhere discreet in your kitchen or wherever your fruitlies like to hang out.

    check back in a day or so to see what you've caught.

    clean the jar out every second day and repeat.


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Kitty · Okotoks, Alberta, CA · 18 projects
LOL I did set them free last year... into -25 c
They flew for about 4 seconds and then just droped dead in mid air.. it was kinda cool looking
aaangi · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
lol yeah, I'm pretty evil when it comes to them too, but sometimes punching them in the face like Chuck Norris doesn't work.

my mom insists on setting them free outside, she's crazy. not like they don't have a 24hr lifespan anyway.
Elisabeth L.
Elisabeth L. · Frufällan, Västra Götaland County, SE · 12 projects
I kill them instead >Happy one cup with vinegar and detergent... MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
aaangi · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
sadly, after attempting that half a hundred times, it never seemed to completely help. i understand they live and procreate in drains as well, but with having a baby around, there always seems to be a bottle left unfound, or some sort of foods left out just long enough for them to breed there too. it's been a never-ending battle since the beginning of summer, despite how clean I get this place! Happy

i've found that this helped tons, they can't get back out of the single hole, and it attracts them away from other sources due to the natural sugar content within the blueberry food.
Chelsea D.
Chelsea D. · 9 projects
You can also poor bleach down all your drains at the beginning of each season. Your sinks, bath drains, etc are where they enter your home. Try that and you'll never have another problem with fruit flies again. =]

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