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A lacy knit slouch hat inspired by a vintage pattern.
This is my "re-imagining" of a vintage pillow pattern. I found the original pattern in a 1977 Better Homes & Gardens Crochet & Knitting book. I really loved the lacy look of the pillow, so I read on and figured out the stitch pattern. The pillows were made flat and I wanted to make a slouchy hat in the round, so I did a little tweaking. I left out a round of garter from the original pattern because I wanted the lace to look fluid and not broken up.

I generally start my slouchy hats at 80 and increase to 120 after ribbing. Luckily for me, the stitch pattern was worked on a multiple of 8 stitches, so it fit perfectly!

Pom-pom is optional!

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  • How to make a beret. Nell Hat - Step 1
    Step 1

    [Twisted Rib Pattern]
    *K 1 through back loop, P 1, repeat from * to end.<BR>
    Using smaller circular needle, cast-on 80 stitches. Place marker & join to work in the round, being careful not to twist stitches.<BR>
    Knit twisted rib pattern for 8 rounds (approximately 1.25”).<BR>

  • How to make a beret. Nell Hat - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using larger needle, *K 2, m1; repeat from * to end. (120 stitches).<BR>
    Knit the lace stitch pattern (below) four times. Knit rounds 1 through 4.<BR>
    [Lace Stitch Pattern-over 8 stitches]
    <b>Round 1:</b> *K 1, (yo, SSK) three times, K 1; repeat from *.
    <b>Round 2 & all even rounds:</b> Knit.
    <b>Round 3:</b> *K 2, (yo SSK) two times, K 2; repeat from *.
    <b>Round 5:</b> *K 3, yo, SSK, K 3; repeat from *.
    <b>Round 7:</b> same as Round 3.
    <b>Round 9:</b> same as Round 1.
    <b>Round 10:</b> knit

  • How to make a beret. Nell Hat - Step 3
    Step 3

    [Switch to DPNs when necessary.]
    <b>Round 5:</b> *K 3, SSK, K 3; repeat from * around. (105 stitches)
    <b>Round 6:</b> K 3, *SSK, K 5; repeat from * to last two stitches, K 2. (90 stitches)
    <b>Round 7:</b> K 3, *SSK, K 4; repeat from * to last stitch, K 1. (75 stitches)
    <b>Round 8:</b> *K 3, SSK; repeat from * around. Remove marker, K 3, replace marker. (60 stitches)
    <b>Round 9:</b> *SSK, K 2; repeat from * around. (45 stitches)
    <b>Round 10:</b> *SSK, K 1; repeat from * around. (30 stitches)
    <b>Round 11:</b> SSK around. (15 stitches)
    <b>Round 12:</b> Knit. Cut yarn leaving 10” tail. Use tapestry needle to finish off and weave in end.

  • How to make a beret. Nell Hat - Step 4
    Step 4

    Optional: Make a giant pom-pom and attach it to the top of the hat.

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How many times should the lace be repeated? Taa

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