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This pony's got an attutude! 80!
Meet Janice the Pony! I made her a couple years ago to get out some angst I had, lol! She's a knock-off My Little Pony bought second hand with the tail already pulled out her bum. I have to say I'm sorry for the pictures, they are the best I could manage, but they don't do the real thing justice.

This is a very customizable piece that I hope you enjoy!

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  • Step 1


    *To spike the hair, slick white glue up the strands and spread the hair out in a fan. You can leave a section out for bangs, or try "liberty spikes"

    *The hair will be wet and floppy, so set her on her side and prop up her hair on a book or something

    *It is best to paint/color with markers the hair AFTER you glue it, which is not what I did! The colors faded on mine.

  • Step 2


    *Use your marker to draw in eyeliner, black out the eyes, pronounce facial features, and draw nail polish. You can give her tattoos or write a saying on her. Mine says "Somebody Loves Me!" "I'm Different!" and "POO" on her sides and her you-know-where.

  • Step 3


    *The harness is made from string that you could probably find anywhere, and is tied around her muzzle and neck, and looped around.

    *Give her piercings with mini safety pins to complete the look.

    *I did not do this, but you could give her a cute pleather jacket :D

    *Make a matching Barbie to ride her!

    *Make acessories like a beer, or concert tickets, CD's, vinyls...

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Vicky · Colchester, England, GB · 55 projects
It's not a knock off pony Tongue I think it's peachy. She should have "Hasbro" under one hoof ^^

Her face looks cool and I was drawn in by the hair Tongue

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