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Custom scrubs for my friend with wolf fabric
My friend said she was tired of the standard scrubs out there so since she knows I sew she asked mt to make her some. She is heavier in the chest then most, naturally, and many of the scrubs she found did not take care of that issue. So I told her to give me a top that fit mostly OK and that I could take apart for a pattern. I sat one morning and took the entire top apart , pockets and all. The top fit her except it was tight in the bust and was an inch to short., 2 easy fixes I figured. So with new fabric in hand I cut out my pieces and then started to figure out in what order I needed to put the creation back together again. I wanted to put sew the shoulder together but could not until the neckline was done, so I started there and figured it out from that point out. After I had the shoulders and side seams, with pockets in place I had her try it on. Everything was coming along great until I realized that I was going to have to put in a dart from her armpit area up toward her bust to get a better fit. I ended up taking up about an inch from each side with a dart. I then realized I had screwed up the sleeves but was able to save myself by adding in an extra piece of fabric at the shoulders and make it look like a fancy sleeve. LOL turned out great and now she has given me kitty and dog fabric for more. LOL I guess I will be making a paper pattern for lots of use to come:-)

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